The New Jersey Lottery was being challenged by new competition in the form of online gaming and fantasy sports sites. Not only did this new competition threaten to drain the Lottery of current business, but also to steal away all-important younger players before they could become regular members of the franchise.


New Jersey is a complicated state with an amazing mix of geography and demographics. The planners at Marketsmith realized that the media plan had to evolve from a one-size-fits-all approach to a highly targeted segmentation strategy. By utilizing pinpoint planning down to the zip code level around all 7,000 Lottery retail locations, we were able to target highly individualized audiences with the specific games that were most relevant to their interests.


Customized rewards levels and highly targeted email and direct mail messaging not only drove enrollment by significantly more audiologists than anticipated, the program helped sell 95% more units than the company’s initial goal, assuring more audiologist recommendations to customers for months to come. Now that’s success everyone should hear about.