The Remote Welcome of MSI’s New Employee Welcome Group

Our new work-from-home (WFH), or work-from-anywhere (WFA), identity has provided us all with a lot of benefits and a lot of challenges. One major nuance to WFH has been onboarding new employees in a remote setting. While it’s hard for both the employer and the employee, it’s a hurdle worth overcoming to set up for long-term opportunities and success. The ability to successfully welcome and include teammates in the WFA environment vastly expands the pool of potential candidates for any given position and, likewise, opens up a wealth of opportunities for job seekers.

At Marketsmith, special attention has been paid to exploring ways to engage new employees. We’ve challenged new hires to jump in and step up with the formation of the New Employee Welcome Group (The NEW Group), a social group with a purpose.  Here are three tips we learned for onboarding in a work-from-anywhere environment:

  1. Empower: It can be very intimidating to be thrown into the culture of a new company. Pressure will not work. Ensure their ideas are heard, and encourage them to lead in their own unique way. Some employees are extroverts, some are introverts – this requires an individualized approach, but as a collective group.
  2. Power in Numbers: Establish a small group of those who have joined the company remotely. This has created a sense of camaraderie and support for the teammates who have yet to meet most of their coworkers in person. The NEW Group is made up of about a dozen people (and growing) whose experience and expertise range broadly across the board – some are right out of college, some have 15+ years of experience, but their common thread has been joining the Marketsmith community remotely.
  3. Consistent Commitment: The group meets biweekly to discuss successes and challenges, to brainstorm, and to bond. The NEW Group also hosts a virtual after-hours social gathering to widen their social circles and get to know more about their fellow employees. These may be virtual happy hours, trivia nights, or most recently, New Jersey Debate Night, where teams were randomly assigned to argue for or against divisive New Jersey opinions (are you Team Taylor Ham or Team Pork Roll?).

 Work-From-Anywhere Presents New Opportunities to Onboard

While the pandemic has thrust several exceptional challenges upon us, new employee onboarding doesn’t have to be one of them. At Marketsmith, some of our newest employees feel like they’ve been here the longest due to their involvement. Employers should support their new employees by providing them the space to communicate, organize, build and grow.

Each new voice adds a new layer of differentiation; empower and embrace it.