Are you struggling to reach your target audience with one video marketing channel? Before you waste more time or money, consider the benefits of a cross-platform strategy. The right strategy can help you keep up with changing trends to keep your business going. That way, you won’t have to worry about the downfall of one type of video. Keep reading to learn more.

Reach More Customers

One of the biggest advantages of a cross-platform video strategy is that you can reach more people. Maybe you already use video ads on television, and you’re able to get some customers. However, you want to connect with even more people. As streaming platforms and social media networks have grown, people have started spending more time online. Working with someone on cross-platform media distribution can help you grow your reach. Then, you will be able to reach more people without having to give up on your current audience.

Understand Your Customers More

Using a cross-platform video strategy can also help you learn more about your ideal customers. You can track which channels convert the most viewers into customers. As you share content in multiple places, you may learn that certain videos resonate more with your audience. People may like interactive videos more than traditional TV ads. If you only relied on one video marketing strategy, you wouldn’t get to learn things like that. Sure, your existing strategy may help, but you can only get so many results.

Repurpose Existing Video Content

As you reach new audiences, you can repurpose existing video content to help save time. For example, you might repurpose a TV ad and run it as an ad on YouTube or TikTok. Of course, each platform works a bit differently, so you may need to create some new content. However, using snippets of videos you’ve already produced is a great way to experiment with cross-platform video. The videos may seem fresh to the people who see them because they may not have seen the original content. You can also use repurposing to see what types of videos perform best on specific channels.

Diversify Your Marketing

If you only put your efforts into one marketing channel, you have to rely on that channel to stay popular. Over time, trends change, so you could lose out on reach and customers. When you diversify, you won’t have to rely on one platform for your video marketing strategy. For example, you can use connected TV advertising to reach people who prefer streaming their favorite shows. The content can be the same, so you don’t need to create two separate videos for those ads. But you can have your eggs in different baskets to keep from wasting time and money on an unsuccessful channel.

Will You Start Using a Cross-Platform Video Strategy?

Video marketing has been an essential tactic since television became popular. Now, instead of traditional TV, many people use streaming services and other networks to consume video. If you want to take advantage of that, be sure to start a cross-platform strategy. Then, you’ll be able to retain current customers and attract new ones to your brand.

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