The last year has included many changes in the tech sphere, one of the largest changes being Apple’s introduction of new privacy policies. Until recently, marketers were able to develop analytics-based campaigns to best connect with existing and potential customers. Amidst Apple’s new policies it’s significantly harder for marketers to extract data, and directly determine ROI impact.

We are here to help you understand exactly what these changes are, what they mean, and what you can do to overcome them.

Apple’s data changes explained…

In April of 2021, Apple introduced a slew of changes aimed at protecting user privacy. Apple’s new anti-data policies make it more difficult for marketers to see how effective their ads are on different social media platforms. Before Apple implemented these changes, marketers were able to measure a specific campaigns impact by tracking a consumer’s path from viewing an ad, to the point of purchase.

These changes specifically hurt third-party platforms like Meta, that are based on attribution and tracking users path to purchase. Many users favor Apple’s new privacy features for protection purposes, meaning that brands are likely going to have to alter their existing marketing strategies. For long term success, this means shifting some efforts away from Meta, and towards something new.

Enter: Direct Mail

Although direct mail has always been a core media channel within a Marketsmith omnichannel approach, we are now seeing brands that previously shied away from this “old school” tactic now integrating it into their outreach strategy in an attempt to overcome Apple’s anti-data policies. Many agencies have shifted a percentage of their budgets away from Meta and third-party attribution platforms, and towards traditional DTC advertising like direct mail.

Direct mail has a unique way of connecting with existing and potential customers. It draws customers away from their busy email inboxes and social media platforms and provides an immersive and creative medium through which customers can truly experience a brand’s new products.

Expanding upon the power of direct mail and why it is an underrated channel with a lot of opportunity, here are 5 quick facts about DM explained:

  • Fact 1: Direct mail is alive and well and working better than ever
    • Not only is DM not dead, but it can be one of the most effective tactics in a marketer’s toolbox. (Twain might not have been a marketer, but we bet he would have made one heck of a copywriter!) Think of all the daily mail you receive – do you know the brands that send you materials? I certainly do.
  • Fact 2: Customers actually prefer direct mail
    • DM is perceived as less intrusive than emails. That same survey revealed that 70% of consumers feel it is friendlier and more personally directed. Many consumers see it as a better way to receive, read, and keep information for future reference.
  • Fact 3: DM is testable and measurable
    • Whether you’re testing messaging, promotional offers, frequency, or formats, DM is easy to separate into discrete test cells, and customer responses are easily tracked and measured. We have been designing direct mail programs for one of our Utility vertical client’s appliance protection plans for over five years, and still, we optimize. We recently switched from postcards to letter mailings after a test showed letters returned a 64% higher ROI.
  • Fact 4: DM is highly creative
    • There really is no other medium that is as flexible and creative as direct mail. Imagine being able to design the medium in which your Instagram DM (direct message) was sent – not just the message itself. The options with direct mail are almost limitless.
  • Fact 5: Direct mail enhances omnichannel campaigns

Our Experience


For a company as visually based as MoMA, a catalog is a valuable way to connect with an art-savvy audience. However, catalogs are more expensive to produce and circulate than traditional digital media. We worked directly with MoMA to increase ROI and justify the cost of the catalog for return. Our Direct Response team analyzed purchase behavior and multiple contact strategy combined with cadence of mailing to best connect with customers. As a result, MoMA catalog recipients drove 46.1% of e-commerce sales and accounted for 39.1% of retail demand. This was a stunning increase of 30%.


Widex came to us because they were not earning enough recognition in their competitive environment. We devised a multi-channel approach to drive more awareness among audiologists and customers, including emails and two direct-mail elements to encourage customers to sign up. The campaign garnered an 11.5% increase in sign-ups among audiologists, and those customers purchased +95% more units versus company goals.

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