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We are not just a media agency.  We are marketers with a strong history of making challenger brands champions, of keeping clients for years and for delivering upon our promises.


We are content creators, data scientists, client specialists, brand communicators and storytellers.  We not only understand the consumer journey, we are obsessed with it.  We track it, continuously looking for new ways to define it and we are always searching for the best answers to unlocking its potential and minimizing its risk.

At Marketsmith our goal is not only to keep you as a client but to grow with you, and to ensure that every step of the way the intellectual property of your brand is a treasured asset used for your growth and your brand’s journey.



At Marketsmith, the opportunities for collaboration and discovery go hand in hand. Diversity of thought and experience are at the heart of our organization.
Intelligent. Proprietary. Quantified.
Our proprietary predictive modeling and advanced analytics inform and improve every project we do for our clients and is included at no additional cost.
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    In-depth understanding of the brand, the situation, the consumers, and the markets through open discussion and dialog.

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    Full ingestion and interpretation of all data streams through Marketsmith’s patented i.Predictus analytics platform.

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    Real-time access to all data via custom, intuitive visualizations that provide all team members with actionable insight.

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    The i.Predictus platform provides predictive media mix modeling that is proven far more accurate than any other industry model.

The i.Predictus Platform

As the consumer journey becomes increasingly fragmented, media investments must evolve and diversify. It’s critical that every dollar spent is constantly optimized in real-time to drive maximum outcomes. i.Predictus is the only cloud based solution that gives insight, prediction, and prescription for both the brand and the consumer, across all media within one platform. It is the AI engine that informs every decision we make on behalf of all of our clients and their brands.
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We bring together colleagues from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Everyone has something to contribute to the way we work and the work we do.

Openness to new ideas requires opening up the way we approach projects and initiatives. We all participate, from recent grads to senior executives. You never know who will be in your next collective. And that is what makes them so energizing.
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