October 6 marks Energy Efficiency Day, but we know that energy efficiency is year-round. The future of energy has never been more at the forefront of conversations in so many different verticals than it is now. From renewables and clean energy to climate change, there are many hands stirring the pot on where utilities, states and even countries must align themselves in their willingness to move toward the future.

Energy companies are feeling the gravity around state-enforced energy swaps, with states like New Jersey and New York mandating 100% clean power by 2050 and 2040, respectively. There are three main factors influencing this shift:

  1. Energy Companies are no longer free from political pressure or regulation, even private corporations. States are creating Clean Energy Departments to manage their timelines – and in turn, create laws that both state-run and private entities must adhere to.
  2. True climate change is showing the effect it has on fragile or unprepared energy systems. In addition to the recent misfortune that fell upon Texas, locally the effects of Hurricane Isaias – a 12-minute storm – are still being felt, with much of the blame being put upon the energy company alone.
  3. Investments that energy companies are making for themselves are scrutinized at a much higher level – ensuring that proper system set-ups for redundancies are put in place and are mandatory among consumers, but at what cost to them?

How does this impact your marketing strategy?

Marketing around energy efforts must take all the above into consideration – and that extends much further than just “creative.” The agency handling these consumer-facing communications must be agile, and understand the minutia of its delivery – at what “critical” time is this marketing breaking through? What effects does it have on perception? If something worked two years ago, will it still work today due to changes in climate or the marketplace? The new marketing reality is that energy companies need a partner that not only concepts the creative, but also communicates to customers in the way that they prefer to consume by either selling them on a product/offering or affecting overall brand perception through education on energy efficiency and how to save.

This extends past crisis management as well and focuses more on their ability to execute emergency management, due to unexpected weather events or upgrades needed to be made to grids and systems. Consumers will always wonder who is going to get “stuck with the bill” for these new efforts while wanting to make sure they are secure, so how do you use marketing to ensure customers are feeling the value, and continue to trust their energy company to do the right thing?

We know how. We are experienced in energy and utility focused marketing.

Marketsmith is the right partner to navigate and succeed in the ever-evolving energy landscape, as we have been growing and learning within it for the last five years. Our successes lie in helping to increase JDP scores, educate consumers on product offerings and energy efficiency savings opportunities, hyper-target consumers in limited footprints, and adapt to changes in media and messaging approach due to unforeseen circumstances, both internally and externally.

And we’re just getting started. We continue to stay on top of the changes in clean energy technology, constantly educate ourselves on the latest in media, and bring in and analyze even more data than ever before. Our recently launched Energy Council  ensures that our team at large stays knowledgeable and in tune with the energy industry changes. Our industry expertise sets us apart – we know the utility business and all the facets that make it up. We bring humanity to the table in our ability to identify regulatory needs while also showcasing the people who make it happen – especially during a time where consumers are looking for businesses to take a step back and the individuals who keep the engine running take a step forward. And our strategic view outlasts just the “right now” – we are continuously considering what’s next.

So, how can the Marketsmith Energy Council help with your marketing strategy? Let’s talk.