#Census2020 accuracy drive business projections for the next 10 years.

Today, April 1, is National Census Day. While many of us may not remember what we did 10 years ago on this day, Census Day 2020 is sure to be one to remember. While over 80% of the country is home in our efforts to slow – and eventually stop – the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, taking a few minutes to complete your census is a great way to spend your time at home.

A complete and accurate count of everyone in the United States is crucial for determining congressional representation, the distribution and spending of federal funding, and so much more. Aside from the actual count of people in the country, the data insight gained from this count is an important tool that marketers should have front and center in their toolbox.

1. Consumer Insights, Segmentation, and Audience Targeting. Today’s technologies afford the efficiencies and personalization of brand messaging from TV and digital video to digital, print, and beyond. The breadth of data available from the census is critical in making decisions.  Being able to target your audience down to the ZIP code helps to deliver a hypertargeted message while segmenting at the most granular level.

2. Market Research. Unbiased, broad-reaching research is needed for any analysis, comparison or observation. This data is especially important when considering advertising strategies, understanding your competition, and product development.

3. Product Development. When product development is in its infancy, the first objective is to understand the marketability and adoptability. Using census data can also help with a rear view into developing new products or simply improving upon an existing one: Is this something someone has tried before, and why was/wasn’t it successful?

4. National Media Strategy. Census data is crucial for accurate demographic information used for even the most basic audience measurement tools that marketers and advertisers rely on. When introducing a national media strategy, having the correct understanding of each market’s landscape aids in successful test marketing, scaling up in product sales, and cost efficiencies for national media buys.

5. Location. Location. Using census data aids retailers in identifying locations and viability for new storefronts, distribution, and fulfillment centers. Understanding overall population makeup, employment ability and viability, disposable income, and the needs of the communities are just some of the most important factors in decision making.

What are you waiting for?
Fill it out! Visit census.nj.gov to complete your 2020 Census now.