It’s a New Day for Tonal

Tonal has been around since 2015 but recently gained market traction and strong brand awareness because of their ability to react quickly to market change.

With previous belief that their target audience focused on high-income homeowners they quickly learned through this pandemic that more people were searching for non-branded terms like “workout from home” which opened a new door of opportunity. Through our evaluation of the Tonal marketing initiatives (we do not represent them nor have we spoken directly with anyone at Tonal) we love their commitment to the consumer by continuously communicating through a diverse display of tactics. After visiting their website and landing pages we have been retargeted via digital display advertising, social following and most interesting a direct mail campaign customized to our interests.

Post-Click Landing Pages

According to Instapage 1 in 4 consumers start their journey on a brand website or generic landing page, but 96% of them are not ready yet to purchase.

The purpose of this initial stop is to educate the consumer on the brand and often offers up opportunities for them to click beyond the actual sales experience. This is why post-click landing pages are more important than ever. So what exactly is a post-click landing page?  A stand-alone page with a single goal in mind, generate a sale no matter what that looks like. Tonal does a great job of this driving their advertising to a simple page that leverages a click-thru focused design. The headlines are focused, there is minimal copy, the images bring the consumer through a story and there are multiple points for purchase (opportunities to convert).

Adjusting Your Conversion Strategy

There are many different ways to retarget and create a relationship with a consumer through brand marketing, but the one thing we know to be true is that little is more important than the consumer experience when they are purchase ready. Here are a few of the best practices that Marketsmith subscribes to in order to drive success for our clients.

  1. Highlight a single hero image that tells a story
  2. Multiple opportunities for conversion
  3. Have a strong and focused call to action
  4. Outline product benefits and features
  5. Include any sort of social testimonials or “proof” of value

Let’s take a look at your brand marketing and grow together today.