Although the Summer Games are postponed for a year, growth-minded marketers at every level can still create opportunities to thrive. Marketsmith, Inc. knows how to help marketers find their voice and a platform for their success even in the most challenging of times.
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With the Tokyo Games being postponed until the summer of 2021, marketers are left to quickly pivot billions of dollars and countless resources to address a new reality. The Olympics have never been canceled in peacetime – only due to war in the years 1916, 1940, and 1944. While these unprecedented times don’t give us much to make historically informed predictions from, what we do know is that ad spend was predicted to be at an all-time high this year. Brands and networks alike were depending on this influx to catapult revenue.

This Isn’t Just a Game

The Olympic Games are not just about money and ad spend. They are about witnessing skill, hard work, and dedication. They are about diversity and celebrating the human spirit together. Although the Summer Games have been postponed, this enduring spirit is stronger and more needed than ever. Savvy marketers must embrace this change now.

An Olympic-Sized Marketing Pivot

At Marketsmith, we predict many brands and influencers will attempt to fill this gap by hosting their own home-based versions of the Olympics via social media. For those in health and wellness industries who may be suffering due to closures right now, it provides a communication platform to stay relevant, resilient, and supportive with their tribe in these uncertain times. As consumers, it offers a way to engage constructively with one another and admire the brave brands that deserve our loyalty.

On Your Mark. Get Set. Go…

Brand-sponsored, user-generated content during this time is a natural transition. The brands who prioritize their marketing strategies to address it today will be stronger for it this summer.

Here are some thought starters to get you and your team collaborating:

  • What can we “own” from a messaging standpoint, as it relates to the Summer Games?
  • What can we provide consumers during this time to fill the gap of what they are missing out on otherwise? Is it a sense of entertainment and wonder – or something else?
  • The Olympics give viewers and participants something to look forward to. What can we provide that offers this same feeling and gives our consumers a reason to keep returning back to us each day?

We’re in This Together

Although it feels like we’re in new territory every day now, rest assured that we are all thrown in this together, and together is the only way out of it.

“Pivot” is in our nature. From rebuilding organizations to ideating a new future, Marketsmith has yet to find a challenge it can’t rise to. Whether you need someone to hash campaign activation ideas with, or a full-funnel marketing execution team, we’re here and we are ready for you. Let’s talk today.

Our thoughts are with you, your families, and your brands. We’ve got this. Together.