By now you’ve likely heard about Google’s plan to stop using tracking cookies on Chrome browsers by 2022, moving to a group profiling system that allows for a more privacy-friendly web experience.

In fact, we’ve actually written two other blog posts about it, chronicling how brands can align with their customers on privacy and how first-party data can mitigate the loss of cookies. But with more information releasing every day on the update, we wanted to outline the top insights going into 2022 and the state of the cookie-less future.

Facts About the State of Cookies in 2022

  1. Party Rules: So, here’s a little secret – Google isn’t completely banning all cookies. In fact, only third-party cookies are being phased out – and first-party cookies are still very much in play. Both types of cookies are used to track user behavior, but first-party cookies are seen as less invasive since they only store data for the website you’re visiting, not from a third-party domain to access your browsing data. As we mentioned in our previous blog, being aware of first-party data possibilities is the first step in combating the cookie change.
  1. If You Stay Ready, You Don’t Have to Get Ready: The “end” of cookies has been looming for quite some time, so many marketers have been preparing for this and focusing on innovative ways to collect first-party data from customers who visit their site to drive brand growth. Offering customers something in exchange for their information, e.g., coupons through email collection, creates a mutually beneficial relationship and can help build repeat customers and brand loyalty.
  1. Streamline the Funnel: In the past, casting a wide net was the name of the game, even outside of awareness strategies. With the new cookie updates, it makes more sense for marketers and advertisers to focus on those who they know are more likely to convert and use one of the most important tools in your toolbox – your customer database. Targeting those who have already opted in allows you to optimize each stage of their experience, likely driving a higher rate of conversion.

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