It’s more important than ever that app-based advertisers optimize their marketing strategy to take advantage of the constantly evolving marketplace they find themselves in. However, without the right tools it can be difficult to build an efficient campaign that reaches your target audience. Check out some of our tips for attributing performance across app platforms and devices.

Measurement Is Key

From a young age, we are always taught to “work backwards” as a problem-solving tool. Attribution employs a similar concept to help app sellers understand what steps users took before deciding to buy or install their specific app. Using an attribution platform like AppsFlyer, marketers are able to measure performance across different campaigns to understand which are most effective in creating a path to purchase for potential consumers.

Application (App) Attribution 101

There are two main forms of attribution that provide helpful data for marketers:

Last Touch Attribution

With last touch attribution, an app install is attributed to the last advertisement, link, post, or other form of media a user interacted with before making the decision to download that specific app. This is attribution in its most simplistic form: only one single ad or platform earns credit for the download/install.

Multi-touch Attribution

Multi-touch attribution is less frequently used due to its complexity but should be considered due to its ability to track touchpoints across the user journey. As the name suggests, multi-touch attribution tracks all the touchpoints that a user interacts with on their path to purchase or download an app. With this model, appropriate credit can be determined and ROI much clearer at the media tactic level.

AppsFlyer can pinpoint the specific portions of each campaign that are most effective, so marketers can easily optimize and streamline. Marketers are able to look into paid, owned, offline, and in-app data across mobile, web and CTV so they can get the most complete picture possible as to how their potential customers interact.

Leveraging Your Brand!

At Marketsmith, we use data-centered strategies to maximize brand growth for our clients. This includes last-click attribution solutions via software like DCM, complex media mix model data-science driven designs, and a multi-touch approach powered by partners like AppsFlyer. As of the publication date of this blog, we’ve already had multiple employees complete their certifications in AppsFlyer! As an advertiser, make sure that your attribution model is defining ROI at the media channel level and that you are tracking and measuring all traffic, even offline channels. Contact us to learn more!