Summer is right around the corner, but we still have one more season to celebrate before we head to the beach … graduation season! It’s the time when individuals from different institutions and schools across our nation are reaching a milestone in their lives. Graduation is an accomplishment that is earned through hard work and dedication. It is the end of an era for some people – but every ending is a new beginning filled with new opportunities and new experiences. Here at Marketsmith, we love supporting early-career innovators! Our internship program is committed to the growth and future career of our interns, and we hope to provide them with the things you can learn in an agile agency.

Ijeoma Eze, Sara Partite, Jess Ziech, and Lauren Picone are full-time employees who started as interns at our agency. They express how Marketsmith has been a vessel in their career and a place of inspiration where they learned not only the professional skills to excel in their area of expertise, but also more about themselves and what they see in their future.

Growing in the Agency

Following their college careers, Sara and Jess joined the Marketsmith team in two different departments, where they both grew exponentially. Starting in corporate marketing, Sara interned with our team in the summer of 2020. She assisted in running Marketsmith’s social accounts and got the opportunity to help with client research projects. As she was excelling in her position, we believed she could apply her skills in our traffic department full-time – and she did wonderfully. Because of Sara, Marketsmith was able to keep the ball rolling on daily tasks as she helped maintain timelines, manage projects, issue POs, and re-prioritize projects. Like Sara is Jess, who has been a valuable member on the Marketsmith creative team for three years. Her talent has amplified many of our client projects, and it has been amazing to see her grow. Jess, as an intern, collaborated with the rest of the creative team by making edits to creative concepts and assisting in building out creative assets.

Today, Sara is an account executive on our Client Performance team, where she’s brought the skills she learned along the way to provide our clients with the best quality service. She expresses that she has learned everything from basic email communication skills to how to manage a campaign. She continues to grow at Marketsmith every day and thanks the success of the internship program for helping her find a career she loves.

“I am still learning new things every single day that help me grow in my current role.”
– Sara Partite.

Jess has transitioned from a creative intern to an art director on the Marketsmith Creative team, where she applies her creativity and talent in many client projects we work on. She provides her conceptual vision and executes it to meet our clients’ needs and requests. In her journey, Jess has learned the ins and outs of her position and agency life and says Marketsmith is a place that confirms her career goals.

Career Searching

While internships can help people gain experience along the way, internships can also help individuals find their way to a career they love. Lauren and Ijeoma joined Marketsmith before heading to college and found their way to the positions they have today. As an intern, Lauren was active on marketing and new business projects such as searching for new RFPs and assisting in organizing and putting together RFP submissions. She also got the opportunity to help with research projects for both existing clients and potential clients by compiling competitive reports and participating in secret shopping. In the finance department, Lauren helped with processing incoming vendor invoices, compiling client invoices, and closing out prior year invoicing. With Lauren involved in many different departments of Marketsmith, not only were we able to benefit from her contribution, but our leaders also become better mentors to those who are figuring out where they want to end up within the agency and beyond. Being an intern at an agency has helped Lauren view all the different facets that exist in marketing, while also making an actual impact on the business and with clients. Looking to view different facets as well was Ijeoma. As a teenager, Ijeoma saw that Marketsmith was a women-owned agency offering internships that shared Ijeoma’s values. The excited 17-year-old was honored to make the cut and join the Marketsmith team. During her internship, Ijeoma handled tasks such as coordinating meetings, taking notes, recapping events, office training, and assisting anyone who needed help.

Lauren is now a senior account executive at Marketsmith on the Client Performance team with Sara. Lauren describes the transition to her new position as seamless with the opportunities she had to touch and learn about many of the departments during her internship. Lauren is confident in her skills to help the Client Performance team perform their best. Thanks to her internship, she says that she has a good understanding of how new clients and projects start, making her more secure in handling new client onboarding. Much of what she has learned as an intern are skills and information that she still uses to this day.

Sixteen years since her initial internship, Ijeoma finds herself as a media director at Marketsmith. After attending college, Ijeoma came back to Marketsmith after seeing a job opening on our social media. Ijeoma shares that she chose to major in marketing in college because of her internship experience at Marketsmith.

“My internship was the sole reason I decided to pursue a career in marketing and advertising. I had such a great experience and was extremely impressed that Marketsmith was woman owned, so I felt comfortable pursuing it. I’m so glad I did because I really enjoy what I do.”
– Ijeoma Eze

On a Journey With Marketsmith

Here at Marketsmith, we are honored to be a part of Sara, Jess, Lauren, and Ijeoma’s journey to the positions they are in today. They share that they chose marketing and advertising because it gives you the perfect mix of structure and creativity in the business world and there are many roads to follow. Seeing them grow from interns to full-time employees has been a pleasure, and we thank them for the opportunity to guide us on how to guide them.

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