Advertising as we know it is imperative in modern society and for the businesses living in it. Let’s face it, without advertising, the world would have no direction and consumers would not know where to look. We know advertising is a necessity to deliver a message as far as it can go to reach the members of the target market, but the message is only valuable to a consumer if they can understand it and feel a connection to it. This is where Multicultural Marketing steps in.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Our world is changing and diversifying, so a single message does not work for every demographic anymore. Brands and businesses should consider personalizing their message to the people they want to reach. Multicultural marketing plays a key role when working with a diverse audience, especially if companies are looking to maximize their messaging to an audience of different backgrounds. According to research by Iterable, 75% of consumers state they are more likely to support a brand when their ethnicity is represented. When people see other people who look like them in ads, they feel welcomed by the brand. Being representative prevents unconscious bias and potential discrimination while building an inclusive marketing campaign.

Through multicultural marketing, brands extend their message to different subgroups. The idea is to showcase those of different backgrounds having an experience with the business. Utilizing visuals to represent the different regions and ethnicities of members of the target market helps to build familiarity to them. However, the next step in ensuring relevancy with different multicultural groups is to speak to them in ways they can understand, and more specifically, in their language.

Words Matter

Prioritizing customer and brand relationships is important when creating a campaign that will speak to the brand’s market. The connection between the two lies within how businesses communicate with their audience and to fulfill that necessity. A company can be the strongest in the market with the most followers on social media, but the ultimate power to successful advertising is language. Including different language-speaking audiences in campaigns and marketing strategies will evoke the same emotion across different cultures. Multilingual ads are effective because they are mindful of the diverse audience. It is more than just a simple process of translating from one language to another. It is important to translate the message using the same tone of voice in a different language so the original key marketing message behind the advertisement is effective. Check out these stats on consumers in relation to a campaign’s multicultural success:

Consumers are:

  • 5 times more likely to want to learn about a brand featuring people they can relate to
  • 3 times more likely to buy from such a brand for the first time and 50% are more likely to repurchase
  • 8 times more likely to recommend a brand they can relate to
  • 50% of consumers ages 13-49 have quit a “culturally illiterate” brand

Marketsmith’s Multicultural Translation Solution

The role of Marketsmith’s Multicultural Review Board (MRB) is to support our creative and operations team with helping to expand our clients’ campaigns by offering translations and reviewing messaging and imagery. The board’s responsibility is to keep all multicultural groups well represented and in proper light in our creative offerings. Current employees who sit on the board represent and can support Hispanic, African American, and Asian American content creation and review. Recently, members have translated campaigns for the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance GetCoveredNJ campaigns in Spanish language to encourage Hispanic New Jerseyans to sign up for health insurance and take advantage of brand-new savings during the open enrollment period. The MRB has also been a part of the translation of the COVID-19 vaccine and booster campaign that we just produced for the New Jersey Department of Health, which was translated in over 11 languages!

Here at Marketsmith, we recognize the significance of multicultural and multilingual advertising and marketing and feel deeply that brands follow suit within their own campaigns. Need assistance with reaching your diverse audience? Let’s connect!