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As Mental Health Awareness Month unfolds, it's essential to reflect on its significance. Established in 1949, the observance of May as Mental Health Awareness Month aims to spotlight the vital role mental health plays in our lives and honor the journey of recovery from mental illness. At Marketsmith, we're proud to partner with clients who actively contribute to mental health resources and facilitate access to professionals for those in need. But the impact doesn't stop there. We believe in fostering mental well-being not only in the communities we serve but also within our own team.

There's several factors MSI incorporates to fostering positive mental health:

Social Connection

Even in the era of remote work, we maintain a strong sense of community by hosting monthly town hall meetings, annual company events, and arranging for teams to convene in the office once or twice a month. These gatherings ensure that our connections extend far beyond the confines of our computer screens.


Recently, we initiated a walking challenge on May 1st, igniting a spirit of healthy competition among our staff. Already, participants are reporting increased physical activity and a boost in mood. Remember, staying active is key to maintaining a positive mindset!

Reduce Stress

Incorporating positive habits into your routine is crucial for stress management. From prioritizing sleep to indulging in self-care activities or immersing yourself in a good book, there are numerous ways to unwind. We've even adjusted our Friday business hours to end our days at 4 pm, encouraging our team to dedicate that extra hour to activities that bring them joy.

Helping Others

While self-care is essential, we cannot forget those among us who may need a helping hand. Through our work with initiatives like the 988 Suicide & Crisis Hotline, we've witnessed the profound impact of offering support to those in distress. Since its launch in July 2022, the 988 Lifeline has assisted many through 9.6 million calls, texts, and chats. In March alone, 988 Lifeline was able to assist 542,055 callers to resources in time of need.

In conjunction with the NJ Department of Human Services, MSI launched a comprehensive statewide outreach initiative for 988 Suicide & Crisis Hotline in August 2023. This multichannel campaign was supported with TV/Video, Radio, Out of Home, Sponsorships, Print, Digital, Social, Paid Search, and YouTube. From launch to date, we've seen how our marketing efforts are effectively contributing to the awareness and accessibility of the 988 Hotline.

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Clicks to the Website
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Increase in Calls
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Need Support Now?
  • If you are having thoughts of suicide
  • If you need mental health-related crisis support
  • If you are worried about someone else

    Please call or text 988 or visit the 988 Lifeline Chat and Text to connect with a trained crisis counselor

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