Wuhan, China, may feel worlds away, but the ripple effect of COVID-19 has proven how small and interconnected our world really is.

Fortunately, where there’s a challenge, there’s an opportunity.

  1. Screens in the home will increase in importance: A temporary reduction in overall ad spending among brands is expected until we begin to see a decrease in new cases of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). The one exception, however, is TV. Marketing strategies will nimbly shift toward traditional TV, OTT, and online streaming video content to remain in front of consumers who choose to stay home. As more people opt to work from home, increases in daytime desktop traffic alongside increases in cross-device conversion within shorter periods of time, or overlapping dayparts, can be expected. Proactively mapping these user journeys will provide brands with the insights needed to construct more efficient media and content strategies.
  2. Brands will discover the importance of negative search terms: As COVID-19 concerns rise, brands should proactively revise their search marketing strategies. Keywords should be evaluated and monitored frequently to ensure that brand ads are not appearing in irrelevant web searches.
  3. A rapid increase in online commerce could prove challenging: Online brands may struggle to keep up with the volume of online orders, increased need for customer service, and increased demand on their logistics department. Consumers may be less patient and forgiving with customer service mistakes or longer shipping times. However, this increase in online shopping could provide savvy brands with ways to innovate, implementing improvements in the shipping and unboxing experience to forge deeper relationships with their consumers.
  4. Hesitant organizations may finally adopt their digital transformation: For the first time, many companies are beginning to consider the risks an unanticipated quarantine poses to their business. Optimistically, this will be a catalyst for many to improve their collaborative workflows and finally adopt digital transformation methods in their organizations to reduce the risk of downtime in the future.
  5. “Made in the USA” brand positioning: The Coronavirus has impacted supply chains across the globe. And while this virus is not particular about race or origin, we may see a renewed consumer interest in products that are made in the USA.

From pandemics to political elections, marketers must be prepared for anything. Adopting a growth mindset helps teams see past the challenges and uncover hidden opportunities.

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