April 19, 2012
The Container Store’s Integrated Approach to April

The Container Store’s April catalog, “Spring Organization Sale,” is a 44 page tabbed guide to their in-store sale. Using the inside cover and page 3 for a simple, straightforward Brand message sets the stage describing the company’s roots, but is not terribly inspiring. The promotion for their ratings and reviews sweepstakes lets the recipients know that Container Store is interested in their opinions about products. But, overall, the book seemed relatively flat; nonetheless I went through it. The book does not communicate a strong sense of the Brand or point of view about the merchandise. There is some tie in with the rating system and blog. The photography was straight on and clean enough, but again lacked inspiration, imagination or a true perspective. The inside back cover forfeited prime selling space for copy which was not compelling or advancing the message of the book.

Promoting the Container Store, RealSimple sent an email featuring the catalog cover (its strongest page) with a 15% off offer. The email came on March 20th, which allowed more than a 30 day window to redeem, losing urgency to its message.

Combining the catalog with the promotional email to our household was effective and well executed targeting. And, we will make a purchase because we will drive by a Container Store every day. But Container Store definitely did not take advantage of the opportunities to tell its story most effectively. Kip Tindel you need to work harder at finding your voice and do not be afraid to take your customers to a place where organization is nirvana and Container Store can get them there.

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