This Sunday the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles are set to square off in Super Bowl 57 (or Kelce Bowl #1). This year’s Super Bowl is garnering a lot of attention for many reasons, including for being the first time two brothers will face off, and the first time two Black quarterbacks will start in the same Super Bowl. For the non-football connoisseurs, many of this year’s Super Bowl commercials have already been released and are expected to introduce a slew of new features to increase consumer interaction as well.

Last year, Coinbase delivered one of the most memorable Super Bowl commercials, featuring QR code bouncing around the screen with no other information. Audiences were immediately intrigued by the commercial’s lack of context, and scanned the QR code to learn more.

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Many brands are already looking to integrate QR codes into their commercials this year, looking to get consumers to take action as they sit on their couch and enjoy the game (or commercial). Michelob Ultra has already debuted its star-studded commercial, which combines a promo for its beer with a QR code that viewers can scan to access early viewing of the new Netflix series, “Full Swing”. Michelob Ultra is one of many brands that are expected to integrate QR codes into their commercials this year to provide audiences with immediate and exclusive access to their products.

In addition, advertisers are focused on including A-list celebrities to generate buzz. Bud Light has enlisted Miles Teller and his wife Keleigh to headline its spot, as Teller has dominated the media industry following his success with “Top Gun: Maverick”. Similarly, PopCorners has brought back our favorite characters from “Breaking Bad”, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, to show just how addicting its chips are. It’s becoming more and more rare that brands exclusively rely on creative execution to create a successful commercial. Instead, big-time names are now key to creating a truly memorable Super Bowl Commercial.

Sports betting popularity has increased exponentially in the past few years, and is something else that many brands plan to take advantage of for their Super Bowl commercials. DraftKings was particularly innovative, building a commercial in tandem with Miller Lite and Coors Light. For the first time, consumers have the opportunity to bet on different aspects of a specific commercial. FanDuel built an interactive Super Bowl commercial as well, giving FanDuel “big-game bettors” an opportunity to win $10 million in free bets if Rob Gronkowski kicks a field goal at halftime. The sports betting industry only continues to increase in size, and brands are using this to their advantage for Sunday’s Super Bowl.

Whether you most look forward to the game or the commercials, this year’s Super Bowl has plenty of “firsts” for everyone, including Donna Kelce who gets to flip the coin at the beginning of Super Bowl 57.

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