With a 34% growth in active users year over year, Twitter is still the go-to place for instant news and trending topics. Want to up your Twitter game? Learn more here.

Where can you get up-to-the-second news, interact with your favorite brand, or interact with a celebrity? Twitter. As one of the original microblogging platforms, Twitter’s staying power has largely been solidified by its user base while it still struggles to increase monetization a la Facebook. But unlike Facebook, the personification of brands is where a lot of success has been seen – without spending a lot of money. Your success on the platform relies on engagement, content, and a little patience.

Twitter Advertising for Brands

Engagement with your audience must be at the top of your list. If you’re starting a conversation, have a purpose and strategy: brand messaging, customer interaction, or even interaction with other brands. People also look to Twitter to understand what your brand stands for and how it may be reacting to what’s going on in the world. In this unusual year we’ve been experiencing, 82% of people want to see how brands are reacting/helping in this global pandemic. But remember, once it’s out in the internet, it’s there forever. Make sure you aren’t creating waves.

Know your platform. You may be very active and engaged with your user base on Instagram because of the visual aesthetic the platform relies on. Those pictures truly are worth 1000 words. On Twitter you can only have 280 characters, but Twitter is where the words often mean more than the picture. You can execute the same content topic across platforms, but what you do on one doesn’t always work on the other in terms of engagement.

Patience. Sure, you can buy yourself followers, but you want quality over quantity. What’s the benefit of a thousand bots following you? Your message is just going into a social media black hole. By growing your following organically, you’ll be connecting with the right people who really want to hear your brand messaging. That’s where personification comes in: have fun! It doesn’t always have to be serious, and you might just strike gold with a viral post (your very own Oreo Moment) or be the lucky subject of some beef with the @Wendys account.

Bottom Line: Twitter advertising should be essential in your portfolio of social platforms you’re engaged with. You can be quick to the jump with news and getting yourself engaged with the conversation, but most importantly you can bring a dimension of life to your brand that no other social media channel can offer.

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