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Goals & Objectives

Increase market share for Shark Robot over the competition.

The Challenge

The holiday season is challenging enough for the leading vacuum brands—there is a very short window to clean up the most fourth-quarter sales. Shark was entering the Robot category as a challenger brand, going head to head against the category champion, iRobot. But Shark faced an even bigger hurdle—Dyson was outspending Shark on the media front four to one.

Data-Driven Solution

Marketsmith put its proprietary planning and optimization tool MarketsmithIQ to work, analyzing every single media placement to understand exactly how each media opportunity was performing. Then, MarketsmithIQ and the talented team of planners were able to optimize spending by strategically reworking the placements throughout the holiday season.


Through our patented TV attribution model, Marketsmith was able to plan, place, and optimize the media execution, resulting in a 152% lift in revenue, directly attributed to our TV media placements. We achieved Shark's goal of increasing overall market share through this highly strategic media approach and performance optimization.

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