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Advertise with Programmatic Media

Programmatic advertising provides you with increased transparency into your marketing investment, real-time measurement, increased audience reach, enhanced audience targeting, and improved ROI. When you entrust your programmatic media strategy and buying to Marketsmith, you free your team up to focus on growing the rest of your business while we handle bringing highly qualified targets directly to you at exponential scale.



Programmatic media is one of the most widely adopted ways to buy media in today’s competitive market. It provides a wide range of high-efficiency consumer targeting options: 

(first-party data)

Audience Targeting
(third-party data)

Inventory Focused 

Inventory Agnostic 

Your Own All-in-One Programmatic Team

Unlike most agencies, Marketsmith’s dedicated programmatic buying experts are completely in-house. This team collaborates with our paid search, digital display, and social media teams to ensure strategies are aligned and your targeting is, on target. You get to keep all your media under one roof, with no unnecessary additional agencies or fees.

Data-Driven Growth Marketing

Programmatic media buying combines human intelligence and machine learning, putting the data in the driver’s seat. We don’t subscribe to the “if this, then that” way of doing things. We toss out the map and trust data, not raw intuition, to lead us to your target audience.

Gain Broad Awareness Fast with Programmatic TV

Video consumption on mobile and tablet is at an all-time high. As of March 2020, 76%* of households in the United States have at least one connected device. This isn’t unique to the current health crisis we are experiencing – the use of connected devices has been significantly increasing in the last several years.

With programmatic marketing, you don’t need big bucks to reach primetime cord-cutters. Using the same targeting principles, we’ll create a custom television strategy for your brand on Connected TV that grabs right eyeballs and delivers memorable brand message. This can be added to your other marketing tactics such as broadcast television and radio, display ads, out of home (OOH), and more.

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Marketsmith will navigate you all aspects of driving incremental growth with programmatic media:

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