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High Clicks at a Low Cost with Paid Search

Paid search is fundamental to your marketing strategy and brand growth.

There’s a lot of misinformation out there on how to optimize your website for search (SEO), how to run paid search ads (SEM and PPC), and how to review your Google Analytics data to determine what’s working and what’s not. Don’t risk your marketing investment with outdated strategies or agencies looking to learn on your dime. 

At Marketsmith, our SEO/SEM/PPC subject matter experts are experienced leaders with a proven track record of exceptional outcomes. We’ll handle every aspect of your integrated paid search campaign so your team can return their focus to growing the rest of your business. Marketsmith will:

  • Audit and optimize your opportunities in search engine marketing (SEM) and paid search campaigns
  • Collaborate with you to determine the best approach to your SEM, PPC, and paid search campaigns
  • Develop a strategy to keep your costs low and clicks high

Optimized Campaigns. Optimal Results.  

Our AdWords-certified search pros take your brand beyond the click, delivering real results in realtime. We don’t operate on hope; rather, every campaign is strategically planned and monitored daily so we can act swiftly to uncover opportunities for new keyword bids and make keyword optimizations across all your campaigns.   

Paid Search. On Point.  

PPC, SEM, and paid search campaigns are the channels with the highest engagement rate and the strongest conversion rate. When you pair a solid strategy with a strong brand message, paid search can help you find new customers and connect further with those that are already considering your business. If the best defense is a good offense, paid search strategies can not only protect your brand against the competition; they can slay it. 

Smart Segmentation = Search Success   

There are hundreds of ways we can target your desired audience, from big slices of your segment to the most granular audience desired. You can control the messaging each prospective new customer sees based on their search and segmentationand dig deeper into your audience, reaching people you have never reached before. 


Reach out for a free campaign audit and we’ll demonstrate how different strategies can truly amplify your campaign’s performance. 

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Marketsmith will navigate you all aspects of driving incremental growth with paid search: Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising | Google AdWords | Paid Social Media Ads | Local Search | Improved Search Rankings | Search Engine Marketing (SEM) | Campaign Monitoring | Audience Targeting

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