We are not just a media agency.  We are marketers with a strong history of making challenger brands champions, of keeping clients for years and for delivering upon our promises. We are content creators, data scientists, client specialists, brand communicators and storytellers.  We not only understand the consumer journey, we are obsessed with it.  We track it, continuously looking for new ways to define it and we are always searching for the best answers to unlocking its potential and minimizing its risk. At Marketsmith our goal is not only to keep you as a client but to grow with you, and to ensure that every step of the way the intellectual property of your brand is a treasured asset used for your growth and your brand’s journey.


Using an “always on” media data-science and attribution platform to visualize and leverage brand history and current media performance is key to your brand’s success. Intelligent planning and execution are only as good as two key factors; 1). The quality of data and 2) Making sure we are employing the best negotiators in the business to ensure constant efficiencies and superior outcomes. Data-backed intelligence, human-based negotiation. That is our—and your—competitive advantage.

Creative Content

Strategically aware, culturally attuned and technologically savvy, our creative teams bring ideas to life informed by research and insight. Our brand expertise gives us the critical ability to tailor creative by medium, whether a native ad, outdoor, tv, radio, print or email. We excel at brand content, brand strategy, social campaigns, brand communications, mobile design, brand design, experiential and fully integrated marketing campaigns.

Data & Analytics

Simply gathering more data does not lead to greater understanding. It requires a combination of advanced technology to gather data in the most timely manner, and human analysts who know how to uncover the hidden insights that are the starting point for original strategies. Machine intelligence and human intelligence.

Direct Marketing

Marketsmith has its origins in the world of direct response marketing, and we maintain a fervent belief that the discipline is more crucial than ever to brands across almost every category. There simply is no shorter path between communication and action. Our direct marketing analysts and strategists employ our proprietary data analytics to maximize every mailing, whether the goal is acquisition, retention, or increase volume.

Customer Relationship Management

Building, optimizing and scaling customer relationships is vital to driving positive business outcomes in today’s market. With 20 years developing and executing successful CRM strategies and business models for manufacturers, retailers and DTC brands our product platform provides the technology and tools required for a cost-effective CRM approach. One which can integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and allow for in-market optimizations to constantly refine strategies to scale and save.