What Does Championship Basketball Have to Do with a Winning Marketing Strategy? Just About Everything.

From the way you formulate your “game plan” to how you execute that plan “on the floor” and, finally, how you view “game stats” to formulate your next campaign, there is no better place to look than the world of roundball to plan and run well-rounded marketing strategy.

Marketing Strategy and Basketball: One in the Same

At Marketsmith, we see so much value in this comparison we put it all into a detailed white paper, Marketing Strategy and Basketball: One in the Same. It’s an approach we’ve put to use for successful campaigns on behalf of clients in many different categories, ranging from consumer goods to public utilities and, yes, even sports and fitness, including our newest client, GameChanger.

And now, we’re inviting you to download the white paper free in the hope that it will inspire your teams to shoot for greater returns on your upcoming campaigns. Here are some of the things you’ll learn:

  • How to put your vision into an executable, omnichannel game plan.
  • How to gather and analyze situations on the run.
  • How to blend your teams’ diverse skills into a seamless unit.
  • How to power your way toward your goals to ensure conversion.
  • How to rebound from missed shots and create new opportunities.
  • How to analyze game data to drive improved play on the next campaign.

Of course, we don’t claim to be the best basketball players in the world (although we do have a hoop and half-court in our agency’s back room where, once the pandemic passes, we’ll be happy to take your team on in a friendly game of HORSE). But we do have a championship record of running omnichannel campaigns for our clients. Perhaps that’s why, when we sit and watch the upcoming championships on TV, we keep seeing the game’s comparison to our own chosen sport of marketing strategy.

New Strategy, Campaigns, and Ideas

We can’t guarantee that reading our white paper will have you suddenly running alley-oops at your own backyard basket. But we can guarantee that it will have you thinking about running your marketing strategy and campaigns with new ideas, insights, and confidence.

As the great UCLA Coach John Wooden said, “Confidence comes from being prepared.” We encourage you to read the white paper as you prepare for your next campaign.

Free Download