Quick! How many streaming services do you subscribe to in your home? If you said three or more, you would have been in the majority at the recent Hudson Valley Direct Marketing Association (HVDMA) webinar, “Disruption in the Media Landscape,” given by Marketsmith Inc. V.P. Media, Samantha (Sam) Foy on April 15th, 2021. That poll is a great indication of how quickly the landscape has changed not only for consumers of home entertainment, but for the marketers trying to reach all those eyeballs through Connected TV (CTV).

Sam’s keynote went well beyond the ABCs of CTV, offering an expert’s view of strategies that can help brands reach today’s increasing population of cord-cutters and content streamers. And there is certainly nobody better positioned to help marketers navigate the new world of home video entertainment than Sam, who brings over 10 years of experience and expertise to the subject of new connected media.

2021: New Streaming Platforms Mean New Opportunities

According to Sam, the proliferation of new technologies and channels present great opportunity to marketers, while making it more difficult to break through to audiences at scale. And that, for brands big or small, learning to navigate that new landscape is more critical than ever.

“Consumers are moving more and more away from cable and to original content on streaming services,” according to Sam. “2020 saw a large jump in cord-cutting, and as marketers, we need to start incorporating these platforms into our plans to reach people we can’t reach otherwise.”

A History of TV Advertising

Sam began with a fascinating look at the history of TV advertising, beginning with the first-ever TV commercial in America in 1942, through the advent of the network TV era (yes, we really did love Lucy!), up to today’s era of Hulu, Netflix, and Disney+.

Cool Fact #1: The Nielsen Company, which began surveying audiences back when radio was the latest home entertainment technology, is still the leading source of audience measurement.

Cool Fact #2: By 2010, electronics manufacturers had totally stopped producing traditional TVs, offering only Smart TVs after that date.

At the heart of Sam’s talk was that now is the time to act, and there is an opportunity for every brand with Connected TV. For example, local brands can reach highly targeted audiences through programmatic buying platforms. The real question for marketers is not when to activate Connected TV in their own plans, but how?

Of course, the best way to start planning for today’s Connected TV platforms, and to reach those harder-to-reach consumers, is to speak directly with a media pro. Someone like, well, Sam. She and the entire media team at Marketsmith Inc. welcome the chance to talk to marketers about their goals, and how to get started on a plan that will keep your brand front and center in today’s exciting new world of Connected TV.

Email Sam at [email protected] to chat all things CTV!