“Build a better mousetrap and they’ll beat a path to your door” might be true for, well, mousetraps. But build a better toaster and you had better do some highly strategic media planning to drive more people to your website.

That was the situation when Revolution Cooking partnered with Marketsmith to help generate web traffic and sales for the product launch of their new Revolution InstaGLO™ R180 High Speed Smart Toaster. There is no doubt that the new toaster is as revolutionary as the company’s name implies. Imagine a toaster that boasts a touchscreen so you can accurately see and choose the precise level of browning for everything from bread to bagels. And, once the bread goes down, innovative heating coils accurately toast the item 35% faster than a traditional appliance, making people everywhere feel like they’re living in the future (which they are).

But don’t just take our word for it. Forbes’ reviewer said, “I loved everything about this toaster, from start to finish.” And TechRadar raved, “Toasters don’t get any more exciting than Revolution Cooking’s R180.”

A Revolutionary Marketing Solution

Yet something so revolutionary also presents a strategic media problem: How can you communicate something so new in the limited space of a digital ad, the primary unit the company had been using? Despite the positive reviews and super cool features, a few words and a static image simply aren’t enough to catalyze consideration and increase demand.

Our strategic media solution was based on our long history of cooking up successful product launches for home appliances: An efficient investment in video generates crucial top-of-funnel awareness. Focusing on targeted YouTube channels and Connected TV platforms let us keep those video placements efficient by only showing the message to those most likely to buy and introducing them to the consumer funnel, allowing the brand to retarget consumers with sequential, lower-funnel messaging.

It’s kind of like knowing exactly how your bagel will come out even before you push the lever down on your toaster!

Test and Measure

In keeping with our agency commitment to test and measure, we are running the video plan while a control group receives only the previous non-video ads. It was our bet that the added video presence and the existing online ads would go together like a bagel and cream cheese. A perfectly toasted bagel, of course.

In just a few weeks, we have seen site traffic go up several fold, and sales increase on the company’s DTC website, Amazon, and all Revolution Cooking retail channels.

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