A Powerful Addition to Our Tech Stack


Marketsmith Inc. has been a leader in developing, perfecting, and implementing the most advanced marketing technology to improve outcomes for DTC brands for over 20 years. Our patented AI platform, MarketsmithIQ, is recognized throughout the industry for its ability to analyze, model, and predict media-based sales outcomes across all channels. You might say it takes a lot to impress us when it comes to marketing AI. Criteo’s Dynamic Retargeting capability certainly impressed us—so much that we have joined a highly selective group of elite global advertising and media agencies as a Criteo Agency Partner. We are just one of five agencies in the US qualified to offer Criteo to our clients.

Dynamic Retargeting

Dynamic Retargeting takes our ability to convert online shoppers to a whole new level. Criteo’s unique AI doesn’t just serve ads to shoppers who showed previous interest—it customizes each retargeting ad to that specific shopper’s interest and behavior. If ordinary retargeting feels like an ad following a shopper from app to app, this feels like a personal shopper who knows exactly what that shopper wants to see, hear, and buy. And it works. Just ask our clients. Conversion rates increased almost from the moment we added Dynamic Retargeting to our media and marketing plans for DTC clients. Overall, our media planning across all channels resulted in a 53% sales increase for one client’s latest quarter versus a year ago, due in large part to increased conversion related to retargeting efforts.

A Partnership of Innovation and Intelligence

But there is more to our partnership with Criteo than technology. There’s also chemistry. Criteo was founded as an incubator start-up in Paris just a few years ago and has gone on to partner with select, like-minded agency partners around the world. It’s the same spirit that guided our founding over 20 years ago and has led our growth ever since. And, like us, Criteo has a laser-like commitment to client outcomes, contributing to over $900 billion in e-commerce sales in 2019. Best of all, Criteo’s AI works hand in hand with our own patented MarketsmithIQ platform. MarketsmithIQ combines advanced measurement, analytics, and predictive modeling into plans that decrease risk while increasing performance. And, just as Criteo retargeting ads are customized for every shopper, our plans are custom-crafted for every client and every campaign.

Think of it as AI2

Now, our clients now get the benefit of two of the industry’s most powerful AI platforms to reach, engage, and convert shoppers on a whole new level on all devices, all channels, all platforms. We look forward to introducing more of our clients to this additional capability. And we’ll be glad to show you how the addition of Dynamic Retargeting can drive conversions for your direct-to consumer e-commerce business. MarketsmithIQ plus Criteo Dynamic Retargeting: It’s a formula that equals increased ROI for DTC marketers.

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