The Art of Media Relationships in the Stanley Cup

In June, PSEG Long Island had the unique opportunity to run its spot during a New York Islanders matchup in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The spot ran at 8:59 p.m. during the second period—prime time for an advertisement to be featured (spot shown below)!

PSEG LI’s prime-time spot was a last-minute opportunity we were able to secure because of the excellent relationships we maintain with each of our vendors. At Marketsmith, our goal is to negotiate and secure the best opportunities possible and maximize the benefits for each of our clients. While our expert knowledge in media planning and buying is certainly a plus, the connections we make and sustain allow us to deliver real results. The last-minute opportunity with PSEG LI is an excellent example of how we leverage our clients to new levels, as we were able to earn a coveted spot over other bidding companies in a high-pressure situation.

PSEG LI Overdelivers on Expected Impressions

PSEG LI not only got the chance to run its spot during the Stanley Cup Playoffs but also, like the Islanders, came up big by overdelivering 45.6% more impressions than the station originally anticipated. The Stanley Cup Playoff games have also enjoyed record numbers of viewers, with the first-round games averaging 3.06 million viewers across three different networks. TV spots are in high demand, as brands want to promote themselves to as many consumers as possible as revenge spending soars. Therefore, it is more important than ever to deliver to clients, given the high viewership levels of TV spots and visibility of these advertisements.

Win like the Islanders

We are rooting for the Islanders in their pursuit of the Stanley Cup, keeping the entire PSEG LI community happy! If your team is interested in winning big like the Islanders, the media planning & buying team at Marketsmith Inc. is here to help. Using our knowledge and relationships, we can help you leverage your brand!

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