Zenith’s most recent research forecasted that, in 2020, $98 billion will be spent by advertisers programmatically which accounts for 68% of the their total annual digital media advertising spend.

programmatic buying

Programmatic advertising can reach around 92% of all internet users, almost anywhere they’re browsing the internet. With hundreds of ways to target your advertising audience, it’s possible to zero in on exactly the users you want to reach. For example, retargeting users with a display ad across many different websites as they browse the internet.

Marketsmith is taking control of this robust tool for advertisers by bringing programmatic in-house! With a fully stacked, in-house digital team, including Search, Social and Programmatic, Marketsmith is more powerfully positioned than ever to deliver fast and efficient results to clients.

While other agencies are heavily siloed by channel and fighting each other for budget even within Digital, we are sharing learnings across Search, Social and Programmatic to find out what’s working best, down to the most granular levels of reporting.

Centralizing all buying and reporting in-house makes it easy to nimbly move budgets to the channels and tactics that are performing best for each campaign. Now that the MSI media team has full control over the programmatic piece of the buy as well, we can quickly adjust to client needs without having to rely on a vendor who may not prioritize or be available when needed.

Taking programmatic in-house allows us total control and oversight of targeting, data usage, inventory (site) delivery, brand safety and fraud protection implementation. More importantly, we have greater transparency into all fees and costs going into our CPMs: media, tech fees, platform fees, data costs, etc.

At the end of the day, our main goal is to drive the best performance possible for our clients at the lowest costs. That’s what this change allows us to accomplish. Growth unbound.