Marketsmith offers a powerful suite of unique product offerings that can be utilized by clients as an integral part of their campaign planning, as off-the-shelf solutions available to all marketers, or in consultation with our staff of data scientists and analysts to make the most of your data. Each solution is powered by our proprietary Marketsmith IQ platform, designed by and for marketers. How you choose to use them is up to you. Making sure that you use them well is up to us.

Merchandise Intelligence

Merchandise Portfolio Optimization for Retailers, Powered by MarketsmithIQ

Struggling to get a handle on product-level performance? Now you can get a comprehensive view on your entire product line to support critical business decision making.

See critical information on performance, including a true view on profitability that factors in margins, returns, order cancellations, and other crucial performance metrics to help make informed product decisions. All of this is consolidated into an immediate visible and actionable scorecard to provide broad organizational visibility and allow for quick decision making.

Features & Benefits

  • Quick See Product Margins, Returns, and Cancellations
  • Trending and Performance at the Category and SKU Level
  • Helps to Drive Merchandising Strategies
  • See Greatest Areas of Challenge, Allowing for Quick Action
  • Insights are Prescriptive and Provide Recommendations for Portfolio Optimization.

Retail Intelligence

Understand your total retail performance. Every store. Every day.

We’ve taken 20 years of specialty retail and manufacturer experience and created a transformational product that delivers fast, actionable insights quickly and easily, from massive amounts of store data. Our Retail Intelligence platform delivers the data manufacturers and specialty retailers need to get a complete, detailed view of their business performance across all key functions to maximize profit and stay ahead of the competition, all through our proven AI-powered tools, and data science capabilities.

Features & Benefits

  • Insight into trending and performance in each store and across all stores
  • Daily reports on Capture Rate and Valid Capture Rate by Store and by Associate
  • Basket Analyses to Drive Consumer Strategies
  • Merchandise Trending & Customer Behavior
  • Notification of Store Events, e.g. high returns
  • Predict future performance

How We’re Different

Most companies find themselves in silos, they either understand retail or they understand direct to consumer. The reality is that retail and the consumer’s journey are intertwined. We are the leaders in understanding the impact of marketing and media investment and the interplay between retail, direct, and third-party channels and marketplaces.
With Retail Intelligence, we’re able to find the balance of how to not under- or over-invest in any one specific media or marketing channel or tactic.

Dynamic Scorecards

When We Score, You Win

How do we ensure outcomes? By delivering our clients customized, digital scorecards based on their specific needs, and the goals and objectives identified overall.  They provide immediate, visible and actionable insights on key performance indicators. Delivering real-time performance, a “single Source of Truth” and faster time-to-decision, Dynamic Scorecards measure real business success.

  • Real-time Performance
  • Understandable and Actionable
  • Delivers “Single Source of Truth”

Features & Benefits

  • Completely customizable based on client’s KPIs, services mix with MSI, and desired business outcomes
  • Included as part of our core MSI product offerings across all clients
  • Summarized scorecard information allows for “drilling down” into detailed metrics to help contextualize results
  • Embeddable within existing analytics applications

How We’re Different

  • We take a different approach to provide clients with dashboard and real-time intelligence on their business.
  • We work closely with our clients to align on success and establish clear benchmarks for success across their business that we can both align to and hold ourselves accountable to and for.

Modeling & Data Science

Where Science Meets Soul

Delivering on outcomes takes more than data. It takes experience in all aspects of strategy, planning, and execution to deliver on a promise of performance. Our modeling and data science capabilities are built on proven, patented technology and powered by machine learning and AI informed by our experience.

  • Trade Area Modeling
  • Predictive Performance Forecasting
  • Consumer Cluster Analyses
  • Lifetime Value
  • Analysis & Predictive Scoring
  • Marketing Mix Modeling

 Features & Benefits

  • Data is processed through our patented system to cleanse and automate the data
  • Actionable insights and recommendations are driven from a basis of knowledge in marketing
  • We ensure ongoing collaboration with your team to ensure project is on spec and provides maximum accountability
  • Visualization of model results is provided in a simple, digestible format for any user to understand and take action

How We’re Different

  • Our unique combination of expertise, experience and success in Media Operations, Creative and Analytics; other data science-focused firms don’t have the day to day experience or ‘live and breathe’ marketing like we do
  • We deliver not only the model outputs themselves, but a playbook of strategic marketing recommendations
  • Scalable options based on client needs, data availability, and budget

Marketsmith IQ

The Technology Embedded in All We Do

As the consumer journey becomes increasingly fragmented, media investments must evolve and diversify. It’s critical that every dollar spent is constantly optimized in real-time to drive maximum outcomes. Marketsmith IQ is the only cloud-based solution that gives insight, prediction, and prescription for both the brand and the consumer, across all media within one platform. It is the AI engine that informs every decision we make on behalf of all of our clients and their brands.

Scorecards are built on our proven and patented technology platform to ensure we’re working from the most accurate and up-to-date data available, and can provide a single “source of truth” for critical business information for clients.