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Powered by the largest woman- and LGBTQ+-owned marketing agency in the country, Marketsmith Inc.’s latest innovation, PIN, allows us to deliver a demand-driven geo-expansion roadmap for growth built upon our proprietary scoring algorithm. This provides four unique solutions for your business growth:
CREATE OPPORTUNITY: Know your customer, and find your prospect, pinpointing the geographic target and tactics most likely to generate incrementality. 
IMPROVE INVENTORY: What is in the current inventory assortment? What should be? Understand what each persona or location will drive to optimize supply chain and merchandising.
ENHANCE UTILIZATION: Are you properly staffed; is the right team in place either in person or on the phone?
ADVANCE PRESENCE: What is your current footprint, and can you expand? Or optimize?

Data Integration for PIN

PIN ingests data points from various sources across sales, customer information, demographics, behaviors, points of interest, drive times, and more, to provide real-time insights that will drive your go-to-market plan and growth. Depending on your business goals, the PIN interface delivers insights into new opportunities, inventory improvement, utilization, and ways to enhance your brand presence.
Knowing where and when your customers act is only part of the equation; to influence behavior and increase loyalty, you need to understand the "why" that drives business. Absorbing the streams of information pouring in from sales, customer service, and marketing can feel like drinking from a firehose. Marketsmith channels all your data into a central database and uses our proprietary technology to filter it into actionable insights.
A consolidated view of every prospect and customer experience means we know exactly how your target audience will feel and act in response to various marketing executions. While most partners only focus on short-term gains, MSI takes your business to the next level by seeking long-term value. We help you create the right lens for customer acquisition cost and the appropriate level of investment and touchpoints to retain and reactivate clients at the optimal spend.
Tapping into decades of direct-to-consumer strategy and applying an analytics-focused approach, MSI has developed customizable CRM solutions that empower you to reach out and influence your customers. Once you know what motivates and inspires your customers, you can make the right decisions about how to spend your marketing resources to maximize ROI and LTV—driving results today and for the long term.

Why PIN?

Simply put, PIN will provide you with an understanding of your greatest areas to scale, and a turnkey go-to-market plan to drive that growth. High ROI backed by accurate measurement accountability.

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