ROI-NJ presented their first-ever Technology Influencer List for New Jersey, highlighting the most influential founders, executives, and investors that have catalyzed innovation and growth in New Jersey’s technology ecosystem and infrastructure. Marketsmith’s CEO and founder, Monica C. Smith, was featured on the influential list as she has established one of the largest women-owned businesses in the country, built upon the foundation of cutting-edge technological marketing solutions, patents on database-driven computer systems, embedded analytics, and predictive measurement models, as well as proprietary processes that enable performance-driven media investment paired with data-driven creative strategies.

True Influence Leads to Real Impact

It is no small feat to find success in business; but it is a greater feat to find success as an influential leader and organization. Influence, a term that gets used a lot these days, is still a very real thing and easy to spot. The action of influencing refers to the ability to sway or affect (a person/people) to take action; being influential comes from a consistent commitment to furthering the well-being of your community. In action, this looks like a founder who invests in local entrepreneurs’ visions through TechCouncil Ventures, works with local small businesses to educate and support their marketing initiatives, spearheads diversity and inclusion in technology initiatives, and actively partakes in establishing, running, and volunteering at foundations that support under-resourced community members by providing food and shelter. All of these components contribute to Monica’s and Marketsmith’s influence in the technology community, as well as the local community.

“It is my (and our) duty to continually drive New Jersey’s tech innovation forward by giving back to the community in the form of resources, education, and opportunity,” Smith said. “Now is the time to get involved and contribute to the growth of the tech ecosystem. Look, I’m not a technically trained technologist and have found a way through commitment, leadership, action, and education. There’s room for us all to drive the evolution of New Jersey’s tech sector forward. Together, we can make the Garden State the State of Innovation and Ideas. ”

To Monica, and all of the featured tech leaders on the list, thank you for driving growth forward. It is a call to action for all of us to join in and help move the needle forward.