In order to be a premier NJ-based marketing agency, you must have strong relationships with networks, tech partners, publishers and more. One thing that makes Marketsmith great is our ability to call upon strategic partners we’ve worked with in the past to find outside-the-box opportunities to bring to our clients. This is the case for the 38th Annual New Jersey Lottery Festival of Ballooning. Our ears and eyes are always open to new opportunities to drive results for our clients; that’s why, when we caught wind of the opportunity to sponsor the balloon festival, we knew we had to make a push.

The renaming of the festival was an exceptional opportunity to drive awareness and earned media for our partner. Just by being associated with the balloon festival, NJ Lottery earned a tremendous amount of press coverage, earned media, UGC, and consumer participation across publishers, social media, and TV. This resulted in millions of added impressions and new eyeballs on their brand. See below for some of the organic content created, earned media, and UGC around the event:

NJ Lottery Press Pickups:

National and Statewide:

Local News:

 3 Strategies To Drive Earned Media and UGC

All events, campaigns, and strategies should take into account the organic and earned amplification of social media. Here are 3 quick tips to do this efficiently and effectively:

  • Expect festival goers (or any event attendee) to be equipped with their cameras, ready to post on their own social accounts. Ensure your brand is strategically placed in “instagrammable” locations (such as a giant hot air balloon!) Remember, everyone has a platform.
  • Pay special attention to influential accounts that are posting from your event*. Identify these people or brands, reach out to them, and supply them with the necessary information/materials so that they feel empowered to create content and share.
  • Create press packets for local and national news organizations to pick-up the story. Packets should be engaging, informational, yet brief

*You can see who’s posting from your event by checking the location and tag on Instagram. Instagram sorts through the top posts to surface the most relevant and recent. 

You could also work with an agency, like Marketsmith, to discover the right influencers and creators before the event! Click here to start strategizing for your event today!