Streaming and different forms of digital media continue to monopolize the television landscape. Gone are the days where individuals would have to wait around to view the latest episode of their favorite show on a Tuesday night. Instead, consumers have the ability to access content whenever and wherever they want. As a result, NewFronts was established in 2008 to introduce new digital content to the marketplace. NewFronts follows a similar model to traditional upfronts, however, as the marketplace has become almost entirely digital, we see that the two events are starting to converge.

What is NewFronts?

As digital content has progressed, so have the mechanisms through which creators introduce their digital content to the marketplace. NewFronts is an event held each year that allows brands, agencies, and media buyers to converge and check out the newest digital content that’s available. NewFronts is quickly becoming a really important industry event where brands are inclined to make announcements about their up-and-coming digital content.

Amazon took full advantage of this year’s NewFronts, introducing a slew of content and new streaming features it plans to unveil in the coming months. Some of these features include increased access to Prime Video, Amazon Freevee, Fire TV, Twitch, Amazon Music, and Thursday Night Football. Since Amazon is such a dominant force in the digital media industry, its participation at this year’s NewFronts demonstrates the magnitude and value of this event.

NewFronts is the new version of traditional upfronts. During upfronts, TV networks, CTV platforms, and streaming services pitch their new programming for the upcoming year to advertisers. While viewership for traditional TV is declining, ads on TV still remain a cost-effective way for brands to reach audiences. Additionally, upfronts have recently evolved to include CTV and streaming services. CTV and streaming service deals are in terms of cost and longevity, but the notion of having an organized place for advertisers and CTV/streaming services to negotiate speaks to the value of upfronts, even as the world of television and marketing modernizes.

Digital streaming takeover

However, as many viewers continue to migrate toward streaming, NewFronts and upfronts are slowly becoming synonymous, as upfronts adapt to more tactics around digital streaming. Upfronts have shifted to include biddable inventory for programmatic platforms, in addition to what they offer for traditional media. In 2023, it’s expected that over 95 million Americans will stop using cable and traditional television. In order to stay relevant, it was essential that upfronts shift their model to adapt to the modern digital streaming norms.

Prepare your brand

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