Messenger bot and chatbot use is snowballing. It’s time to start a messenger bot marketing conversation.

By 2024, chatbot-led retail spending is expected to grow to $142 billion globally (up from $2.8 billion in 2019). And 62 percent of U.S. consumers are ready to interact with brands over messaging. Chatbots are rapidly becoming a customer expectation and a promising marketing strategy, but it’s essential to take a mindful approach to this young customer engagement tool. If you’ve ever interacted with a bot—whether it pops up on a website or on social media—you know there’s a fine line between helpful and frustrating artificial intelligence (AI). Before deploying a messenger bot to represent your brand, you need to understand what customers want from conversational marketing and find the best bots for your brand. Let’s get started!

What is messenger bot marketing?

Messenger bots. Chatbots. Virtual assistants. These are automated technologies that enable two-way “conversations” between existing or prospective customers and an AI bot. The benefits of conversational marketing include:

  • 24/7 connection with customers who want fast answers even when a human employee isn’t available
  • Answering common early sales funnel questions so your team can focus on closing sales
  • Nurturing brand relationships with people who opted in to receive bot messages

What are the types of marketing chatbots?

Website chatbots. You’ve seen these helpful chatbots pop up in the corner of e-commerce or business services websites. They invite website visitors to engage when they need assistance. Companies also use conversational landing pages where chatbots determine visitor intent and direct users to logical next steps, whether that’s knowledge-building or buying.

Social media messenger bots. These chatbots engage with prospective customers on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter Direct Message, Instagram, and other social media platforms and messaging tools.

Facebook Messenger bot marketing gets an 80 percent open rate and 20 percent click-through rate. With 1.3 billion active global users, Facebook has the most expansive reach. However, your customers should guide the platform or platforms you choose. Are you trying to reach artists? Instagram may be your top channel. Is your company B2B? LinkedIn messenger bot marketing should be part of your lead generation strategy.

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