Marketsmith Promotes Justin Ballard to Senior Marketing Analyst

Marketsmith Inc., [MSI] the only woman-owned-and-operated advertising and Martech agency of its kind, has promoted New City, NY resident Justin Ballard to Senior Marketing Analyst. He previously served as Digital Media Analyst.

“Justin has an incredible work ethic and brings his enthusiasm to every project every day,” says EVP, Strategy & Innovation Carina Pologruto. “He demonstrates tenacity and grit when it comes to problem solving, which makes him a valuable asset to our organization and our clients.”

Ballard will report to Donald Gallant, Vice President, Analytics & Innovation.

MSI has built its reputation and business on its patented predictive analytics software and human ingenuity, giving the agency and its clients the data and analytics to inform every decision from strategy to media to creative.

“Justin has trained himself on multiple analytical tools and languages necessary for success and continues to absorb and articulate insights that make all of us smarter,” notes Pologruto.

MSI creates dynamic client performance dashboards that track performance and predict outcomes by measuring historical performance and applying patented algorithms to generated predicted outcomes across channels and media types.

“This allows us to adjust our marketing efforts in real time,” notes Ballard. “It’s an exciting time to be at Marketsmith because we have so many amazing tools available.”

i.Predictus LLC, wholly owned by Marketsmith Inc., is an automated marketing analytics platform built by marketers for marketers. With four patents for its innovative work in data and attribution, i.Predictus cleanses and automates data to allow for custom data visualization, cross-channel attribution and custom modeling to help brands interpret and apply data for the greatest return on investment.