The Marketsmith Mission

On Tuesday, members of the Marketsmith team volunteered in a virtual mentoring program in partnership with NJ LEEP, a college access and success program serving students and families in the greater Newark area. NJ LEEP focuses on empowering middle and high school students with both academic and social-emotional skills necessary to succeed in college and beyond. Throughout the summer, the incoming seventh graders have been working on creating public service announcements for the social cause of their choosing. Some students focused on social and racial injustices like policy brutality, while others focused on water conservation, and ensuring that we keep our oceans clean and eliminate pollutants.

The Marketsmith team was there to help share guidance on how to best market their PSAs, starting with the most important questions that all marketers face:

  • Who is your audience?
  • How do they consume media/entertainment/content?
  • How would you like your message to come across (e.g., tone of voice)?
  • What is your goal?

The Future is Bright

We were blown away by the work the students had completed as well as by their emotional maturity in understanding these complex ideas, and we cannot wait for their PSAs to come to life. It is part of our mission to be active participants in providing guidance to the under-resourced members of our community so that our shared future is one that is more equitable, fruitful, and diverse. A huge thank-you to NJ LEEP for being a great partner throughout the years, whether we were organizing in-person events in the past, or virtual events like this. We look forward to seeing what the future generation of leaders put together.

If you would like to get involved with NJ LEEP, click here!