If you’re anything like me, you’ve stocked up on your favorite Girl Scout Cookies (*cough* Samoas *cough*), taken a Buzzfeed quiz to determine which cookie you are, and even used to lobby with your mom to bring your order form to work so you could sell enough cookies to get a cartoon cookie mug (milk just tasted better in it!).

As a woman and former Daisy/Brownie/Girl Scout, there’s pride in knowing the history of Juliette Gordon Low and her trailblazing impact on young girls everywhere (#girlpower). As a marketer, there’s a lot we can learn from such a successful organization that has frankly been killing the sales game for years.

The Girl Scout Promise

No, not the one that gets recited at every troop meeting. I’m talking about the marketing rules that Girl Scouts adhere to that many other brands can learn from:

  1. The Demand
    • Girl Scout Cookies are only available for about four months a year. Which means if you want to make sure you have enough Thin Mints and Do-si-dos to get you through summer, you have to buy more than one box. The Girl Scouts’ ability to build demand around their product is one KEY element to their marketing strategy, helping them collectively sell 200 million cookies a year.
  2. The Agility
    • Brands have been utilizing ecommerce for years now, but did you know that the Girl Scouts only introduced their website in 2015? After years of word-of-mouth marketing, the organization realized they needed to get with the times and have launched an amazing website and app that feature a Cookie Finder and scout-specific landing pages to buy directly from a member you know. They’ve even introduced virtual booth sales, contactless payments, and doorstep delivery to allow girls and troops to continue with the cookie program in 2022, amid the ever-changing COVID-19 atmosphere.
  3. The Product
    • There have been brands that have tried to make knockoff Girl Scout Cookies, but none compare. With over 12 varieties currently available, the Girl Scouts organization has been doing constant product research and development focused on delivering the best product possible. When your product is elite, customers will spend the money year after year – and in the case of the Girl Scouts, it’s about $800 million yearly.
  4. The Human Connection
    • While the website certainly makes it easier for Grandma to share with all of her friends on Facebook, there’s still something about seeing a stand outside of your local store or supermarket with young entrepreneurs selling their delicious wares. Knowing their sales directly impact their troop’s ability to have experiences certainly helps to drive people to buy, but Girl Scouts are also known for the causes they support, and now more than ever people want to support businesses that put their time into helping others.

How Can You Drive These Sweet Results?

After over 100 years selling cookies, the Girl Scouts have built an incredible platform around marketing and the entrepreneurial spirit. As one of the country’s premier women-owned marketing agencies, we also know a thing or two about developing new skills, evolving as an organization, and navigating the digital landscape for ourselves and our clients. We’re here to help you build your own brand success – ask us how!