For 25 years Lovesac has been “Rewriting the Rules of Comfort.” Lovesac, one of the original furniture market disrupters, strives to redefine the rules and what customers should demand from providers each year. As Lovesac’s Agency of Record for Media for the last five years, we worked with the Lovesac marketing team to promote the 25th Anniversary and the new assets it currently has in market in Meta, YouTube, Premium Publisher Sites, TikTok, Snapchat, and various out-of-home placements. We drove media planning and buying to secure high-profile opportunities with Google and in NYC and LA around the 25th Anniversary celebration event featuring Travis Barker and Machine Gun Kelly. Our team collaborated with Lovesac during countless meetings to go over creative, placement plans, and boosting schedules for influencer posts. In addition, we implemented an Instagram campaign to give away tickets to the public to attend Lovesac’s 25th Anniversary celebration.

Proven track record of success

The media placements for Lovesac’s 25th Anniversary event are just one example of a success story from our multi-year partnership. When Lovesac first came to us, we devised an omnichannel campaign to expand to new markets and customer bases. Using our Media Mix Modeling capabilities, we were able to devise a plan that would maintain Lovesac’s ROI while simultaneously increasing media spend, and thus creating more visibility for the brand. By identifying core sales drivers and predicting outcomes across scenarios, we were able to increase sales by 70% YOY and experienced a 400% lift in retargeting efforts.

Additionally, we were able to successfully build a targeting campaign to reach young parents, which is one of Lovesac’s target audiences. Lovesac’s couches deliver against several of the specific needs for young families in the market for a new couch: washable, adaptable, expandable, comfortable, durable. We took advantage of each of these aspects, and developed creative and messaging that appealed directly to those needs for families. By shifting KPIs on click-through rates, we experienced a 100% increase in conversion rates year-over-year, and a 78% increase in awareness level among the target audience. We also noticed an increase in activity online and in Lovesac showrooms.

The Marketsmith difference

Leveraging our proprietary analytics platform, MarketsmithIQ, we are able to provide the best outcomes for our clients. Lovesac is just one example of how we’re able to use our Media Mix Modeling capabilities to maximize ROI, and identify and reach a brands target audiences. Interested? We’re just a few clicks away.