Enjoy Earth Day a Little More in Your Lovesac

Lovesac excels in many things—just ask @scottyhubs and his pup Gracie (so cute!). With today being Earth Day, it’s important to point out their exceptional sustainability practices. Lovesac addresses sustainability head on by aligning their brand vision with their sustainability practices, calling it Designed for Life (DFL). As mentioned in this article from Forbes, “CMOs at sustainable brands are bold . . . CMOs at greener brands execute authentic sustainability efforts to move from storytelling to story making.” And Lovesac does just that with DFL. Here are three things to learn from Lovesac’s Designed for Life vision.

1) Commit to sustainability; go “All-In”

    • While Lovesac’s main mission is to build and design products that last, they have also committed to using recycled materials for their products and sustainable raw materials for all elements across the supply chain (i.e., packaging). Their commitment isn’t a one-off announcement to sell products; consumers see through that. As reported in their earnings call, Lovesac has recently relaunched their polylinen fabric, which utilizes a fiber spun from recycled plastic. Their commitment remains true throughout their entire brand and organization.
    • There are many ways to be sustainable; Lovesac has chosen to go all in in reducing plastic bottle waste. They are heavily focused on this cause, diving deep into their process, commitment, and expectations, estimating to have removed over 25 million plastic bottles from the waste stream in 2019.
recycled bottles

Products are made from recycled materials

2) Document your progress and provide resources; it’s OK not to be perfect on day one

    • Lovesac utilizes deference in their messaging; yes, they are committed to driving change, but they are also transparent and open about their process. Using words like “taking meaningful steps towards achieving this design philosophy” shows that the brand is on a journey to figure out the best path forward. This opens the door to starting a meaningful conversation with an audience, welcoming a community of people to join in on their journey. This works because Lovesac documents their progress and actions taken to learn more and grow.
    • Lovesac also has a separate entity, Designed for Life, covering updates in the sustainability sector with blog content and resources.

Designed for Life

3) Communicate how sustainability practices help improve your product/brand

    • Lovesac has clearly outlined their brand vision in Designed for Life. The main focus of Designed for Life is to create products that last to reduce buildup in landfills. Currently, consumers typically buy a new couch every seven years. Lovesac’s Sactionals provide a direct solution to the issue while connecting it to the quality of their product.
    • This empowers consumers to associate Lovesac with an exceptional product that is Designed for Life—in regard to aesthetic, comfort, life span, and positive change.

Lovesac’s Reports Landmark Results in Earnings Call

Seems that Lovesac’s boldness has paid off, recently “delivering landmark results” on their most recent earnings call, highlighting the value of sustainability practices. So, with everything going on, grab a little more comfort in your Lovesac this Earth Day, knowing you’re not only helping yourself relax but also helping the environment. Hats off to you Lovesac, we are proud to partner with you on extending your positive message out to the world!

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