A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) National Conference in Las Vegas. I was offered this opportunity because Marketsmith is now certified as a Women Business Enterprise (WBE), with a workforce comprised of 54% women. During the conference, I not only met hundreds of influential professionals, but attended several educational sessions that discussed the most innovative and disruptive topics in the business world today.

One session in particular stood out to me. It was called “Changing the Trajectory: Lifting Up the Next Generation of Women Business Leaders,” and was presented by Kate Donovan, Senior Vice President of ManpowerGroup Solutions and Global RPO President. Donovan declared that women face a triple threat in the workforce today, which includes:

  1. Under-representation in industries poised for Growth
  2. Over-representation in roles threatened by Automation
  3. Stubbornly low levels of women in Leadership

Donovan also talked about something she called the “Skills Revolution,” meaning that skills will be more important than ever before in the future of business. As companies continue to adapt to the ever-changing technological environment, those with skill and the ability to quickly learn and adapt are in even more demand. Not only will skills push you further in your career, but they also allow for more choice in your career. The reality is that women have more choices than ever before and an opportunity to effectively manage the trajectory of their careers, recognizing the impact of those choices on both their lives and careers.

To succeed in the Skills Revolution, it is imperative that women pursue STEM in greater numbers – an issue we continue to address and promote here at Marketsmith. Currently, women comprise only 24% of the STEM industry, and unfortunately make up most of those jobs that are disappearing due to increased automation.

There must be a new collaboration in the workforce: Women and Machines.

So, to all our fellow-WBE’s, women business leaders, and emerging lady professionals at the start of their careers, here is one key thought to take away: As women, we must help each other grow. There is enough success to go around – so pay it forward! Sponsor and mentor other women-owned businesses. Get involved in organizations that support women in STEM. Most importantly, get ahead of the Skills Revolution that is evolving amongst us by recognizing how to assess opportunity and determine personal priorities in your career.

To learn more about the field of STEM and the game-changing jobs of the future, visit www.careerswithstem.com