Samantha Foy

Executive Vice President, Strategy


Samantha is a passionate marketing expert and leader of the MSI media and analytics teams. She has dedicated her career to mastering the art of media strategy, helping clients drive their business forward by being hyper-focused on marrying media KPIs with overarching business goals. She is a proactive and nimble professional, keen on understanding our clients’ needs to ensure we exceed all expectations. Samantha is agile in her ability to adapt to the ever-changing marketplace, applying new technology and learnings to constantly improve both media performance and internal operations.

As the SVP of Media & Outcomes, Samantha has helped bring the media and analytics teams together, working cohesively on strategic implications based on both media performance and business results. Her performance-based mindset holds media accountable with every dollar spent. She has been successful in creating various strategies that have helped clients with goals that span launching new brands/products, boosting brand awareness, driving leads, and increasing ROI.

Prior to joining MSI, Samantha worked for eight years at Active International, mostly focused on digital media strategy, buying, and analysis before ultimately working on the client management team. Over her years of experience, she has touched all verticals including CPG, retail, beauty, electronics, and more.

Samantha has lived in New Jersey her whole life and currently resides in Sussex County with her two children. Like the agility she demonstrates in her professional life, she also stays on her toes outside of work by dancing salsa in her free time.  Samantha embodies passion, purpose, and performance and will continue to deliver while uplifting her clients and colleagues.