Monica C. Smith

Chief Executive Officer, Founder


Every day in marketing is a battle. Monica is a steadfast leader of warriors, willing to take on meaningful challenges and risks with vision and compassion that result in success for both client and company.

Monica founded Marketsmith, Inc. in 1999, on the idea that technology and humanity are inextricably linked when it comes to creating successful consumer-centric marketing. Her mission then, as now, was to provide clients with the most advanced tools to build powerful marketing models that mitigate risk, maximize ROI, and drive growth.

She drove Marketsmith, Inc. to be one of the largest women-owned and operated independent media and marketing agencies in the country. She is considered one of the strongest active CEO’s in media today—especially in omnichannel media strategy that drives retail success.

With the 2015 purchase of industry-leading creative agency Brushfire, the engine of creative, analytics, media, and data management was complete. Powered by diverse subject matter experts who share Monica’s growth mindset, Marketsmith has become one of the premier martech agencies in the U.S With a collection of patents and awards to boot.

Monica has numerous client successes in her tenure as leader of Marketsmith. She was able to transform Tumi from a single-product customer focus to a powerhouse multi-category specialty retailer. She took a product called Shark Steam mop from a troubled retailer to a company with $1.6 billion in sales from dozens of products. Monica also conceived of, developed and built i.Predictus, a data visualizing software that aggregates media and customer data and predicts sales results with 93% accuracy.

Monica’s devotion to philanthropy has always been front and center at Marketsmith. The desire to help lift up those in need is ingrained in the company’s culture. In addition to supporting established local and international causes focused on women, children and families, Monica and her wife, Amy, have established charitable organizations dedicated to wiping out hunger and helping animals in need.

When not creating new technology or conquering business challenges, Monica enjoys spending time at her farmstead with her wife, five children and many animals, including cats, dogs, a pig, goats, and miniature horses.

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