David Milillo

Vice President, Data and Development


David is a well-seasoned data professional with over fifteen years of experience, including international experience, designing and building business intelligence, and reporting solutions. He is a certified analyst and developer with over twenty years of proven results analyzing and implementing database solutions across multiple industries. David has verifiable expertise in SQL and database design within several database management systems. He shows proven results optimizing SQL performance and tuning database indexing and server parameters to create several-fold performance increase. David is known for quickly and efficiently learning and implementing unfamiliar technologies.

David is a true homegrown leader at Marketsmith. Starting in Marketsmith’s child company, i.Predictus, David has risen through the ranks from developer to recognized technology leader by persevering through all data challenges and providing Marketsmith and its clients with the best in data solutions and analytics support. Currently heading up leadership over the database development, data science, and data visualization functions, David is set to revolutionize our clients and our own data vision and competencies.

Prior to joining Marketsmith, David provided data development and data leadership across a wide range of industries. From finance to health care, David has worked with an abundant variety of data sets and business verticals. With experience in company sizes from tiny to multinational, David has any new client covered.

David currently resides with his wife and son in Reading, Pennsylvania. He enjoys staying active running and cycling. David is a faithful father, husband, son, brother, and member of his local congregation. He also continues pursuing his Japanese language studies and prioritizes keeping abreast of international issues.