Carina Pologruto

Chief Data Officer


The most complex problems never faze Carina. With a track record of assembling high-performing, dynamic teams to implement solutions and lead innovations, she’s always ready for whatever challenge comes next. To Carina, challenge = opportunity. Facing and overcoming challenges gives her team a chance to shine and opens up new paths to success for Marketsmith and our clients.

Carina continues to push the boundaries of Marketsmith’s capabilities, exploring new technologies and testing cutting-edge platforms. As CIO, Carina ensures that Marketsmith is constantly innovating, that products and services are powered by data and science, and that technology is maximized for the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Carina’s years of experience have helped her develop expertise across the board in marketing. Her omni-channel knowledge spans all media, as well as databases, analytics, forecasting, project management, client communications, and marketing technology platforms.

Carina is a shining example of an employee who’s grown with Marketsmith. She joined us back in 2006, following early career work in retail advertising and catalog marketing. She began as a client services manager and has steadily grown into an important leadership role at our agency. Carina’s work with clients, strategic planning, and multi-channel campaigns prepared her well for her current role as Chief Innovation Officer.

A graduate of Rutgers University, Carina is proud of her New Jersey roots and is always rooting for the Scarlet Knights!

When she’s not tirelessly supporting worthy causes or testing the limits of marketing technology, Carina can be found enjoying the great outdoors – hiking or frolicking with her dog.