Boris Donsky

Vice President, Data Insights


Boris Donsky has 15 years of experience in performance marketing strategy, with specific expertise in direct response and lead generation. He has worked in the health insurance, education, and travel industries, leveraging his expertise in media forecasting/projection, tracking outcomes, and optimizing to the desired results.

Boris is a real collaborator and wants everyone to have a voice at the table. He knows that a larger pool of knowledge will ultimately win out in producing the best ideas. Today, he leads the DTC Analytics team, combining his business experience with a passion for data to ensure that the team is laser focused on the KPIs that really matter for our clients. He has a mastery of his toolset and turns raw datasets into rich insights and stories to help drive business results (think The Matrix but with Microsoft Excel).

Boris has been a New Jersey resident for most of his life and currently lives in Bergen County with his wife and two kids. In his free time, Boris can be found lifting weights in his garage, going for a run, listening to some early 2000s hip-hop, or grilling a nice steak.