Advertising Week New York is an annual gathering of advertising and media professionals from around the world, and this year, Marketsmith’s media team had the privilege of attending this prestigious event. Over the course of the event, we attended several speaker sessions and discovered the latest trends and insights that are shaping the future of the media landscape. In this blog post, we will share our key takeaways from some of the sessions we attended, offering a glimpse into the exciting and evolving world of advertising and media.

Connecting with Consumers through Authentic Content

One standout event that we attended was titled “It’s Kind of a Funny Story,” featuring actress Chloe Fineman and the head of Ancestry, Brad Argent. This session focused on the importance of authentic brand connections. In today’s advertising landscape, consumers are looking for authenticity. Brands must consider how their creative speaks to their targets in authentic ways to build trust and show consumers real product experience. One remarkable example was the partnership between Deion “Coach Prime” Sanders and KFC, where they successfully captured the Sanders family continuing their family tradition of enjoying KFC together, leading to multiple exceptional and authentic creative deliverables. This emphasizes the significance of ensuring that all creative work is intentionally authentic, a lesson we apply to our work at MSI.

The session titled “The Power of Human Connection” underscored the importance of forging meaningful human connections in the world of advertising through transparency, emotion, consistency, and staying true to brand values. In a world increasingly dominated by technology, it’s more crucial than ever to remember the human element in marketing, which, like authenticity, also helps to build trust. This emphasis on human connection aligns with Marketsmith’s commitment to delivering results-driven strategies while maintaining a human touch.

How AI is Shaping The Future of Streaming and CTV

The future of streaming measurement was another hot topic at AdWeek New York. With traditional panels’ inability to measure streaming in real-time, there’s a growing need for new metrics and alternative methods for measuring TV viewership, especially as streaming becomes increasingly popular. Some companies have started to utilize AI to analyze social media data and other sources to track who is watching what content and what’s being discussed online.

With the increasing demand for ad-supported content and a declining TV viewership, AI is also impacting how brand serve up their ads on CTV platforms. The session on “The Future of Connected TV (CTV)” emphasized AI’s role in delivering personalized and dynamic content, such as serving up ads that align with the program they are placed within through real-time analysis of viewer data, which showcases the potential for AI to revolutionize the advertising landscape.

Prioritizing Multicultural Marketing

A significant portion of the discussions during AdWeek revolved around multicultural marketing. Multicultural content now reaches not only its intended target but also other cultures and races, marking a notable shift from the predominantly Caucasian-focused advertising of the past. This transformation in viewing habits underscores the importance of diverse and inclusive marketing strategies.

Forward-thinking brands must maintain their focus on innovative and inclusive marketing campaigns, tailoring their messaging, content, and products to resonate with the diverse audiences they are reaching.

Embracing the Future

Advertising Week New York offered Marketsmith’s media team invaluable insights into the ever-evolving world of advertising and media. From the importance of authenticity and human connection to the impact of technology on the changing landscape of live TV, it’s abundantly clear that the industry is in a perpetual state of adaptation. As we move forward, we utilize these insights to guide our approach to media and advertising. This ensures that we continue to deliver effective, engaging, and meaningful content to our clients and their audiences. Join us in exploring the endless possibilities for your brand’s future – contact us today.