To say that Regina (Jeanne) Braham has been a positive force in the lives of adults, teens, and children in Morris County and throughout the state of New Jersey barely begins to capture the influence, passion, and compassion that is at the heart of her remarkable career. We are honored to have joined her for even a part of that stellar journey. Fresh out of college in 1977, Jeanne went right to work organizing the first Rape Crisis and Information Center in Fayette County, Pennsylvania. In 1982, Jeanne brought her counseling skills to JBWS in Morris County, New Jersey, known then as Jersey Battered Women’s Service, where she steadily increased her responsibilities and influence, rising to VP of Community Relations and overseeing the organization’s outreach to domestic abuse clients and the general public.

Jeanne Braham: Stand for Justice, Lead with Compassion

Along the way, she has created innovative programs and communications strategies that have brought more awareness of domestic abuse, as well as new hope for victims, which have been felt in every area community. These accomplishments range from educating high school students to be alert for signs of abuse, to launching the Morris Family Justice Center, and rebranding JBWS in line with its enlarged scope of protection and advocacy for domestic abuse victims of all genders and sexualities. Jeanne has been a presence on national and local news broadcasts as an advocate for victims of abuse, and has developed protocols and training for police departments and medical students. And at every step of the way, whether as a counselor or communicator, Jeanne has treated everyone with a sense of humor and compassion that makes clients, students, the public, and, yes, pro bono agency partners, feel comfortable and committed. Her compassion is nothing less than infectious.

A Partnership Based Upon Dedication and Action

At Marketsmith, our relationship with Jeanne goes back almost 15years, including annual fund-raising initiatives, public awareness media campaigns, and bringing to life the award-winning Yellow Card challenge to educate female and male high school athletes on how to detect and report signs of abuse. In 2019, we were honored to partner in redesigning the organization’s updated name, logo, and tagline to reflect JBWS’s modern and enlarged scope of aiding victims across multiple New Jersey populations. Desiree Maurin, Marketsmith VP of Client Performance, expresses a sentiment we all share when she says, “Jeanne’s dedication and passion for domestic violence support and prevention is inspiring. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to partner with her to bring awareness to JBWS and its critical mission of safety, support and solutions for abuse.” So, it is with a bit of mixed emotions that we congratulate Jeanne on her retirement. We are filled with awe at her accomplishments, and joy for her well-deserved chance to pursue new passions. But we will miss working with Jeanne on a career that has done nothing less than to have saved so many vulnerable lives over the past 44 years. Brava, Jeanne!

If you would like to get involved with the JBWS, please check out their volunteer page HERE!