Affiliate Marketing to Spark New Burst of Content Creators on Instagram

It’s clear that there are more “professional” content creators popping up every day as influencer marketing becomes the biggest trend in advertising. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, 29% of American kids want to be a YouTube star. But as competition grows, creators are in perpetual search for additional revenue opportunities. In the coming weeks, Instagram plans to introduce a new native affiliate tool that will give creators an opportunity to earn more revenue through content creation and product promotion. Read on to learn how these new features open additional revenue opportunities for content creators and what it means for brands.

A Native Affiliate Tool

Recurring income for creators has become increasingly difficult. Platforms are all trying to find ways to empower engagement by making it more fruitful for creators. Currently, creators have three ways to work with brands and drive income from Instagram:

  • Pay Per Post: Brands pay creators to create content and post on their own channel
  • Long-term Partnership: Brands pay creators on a recurring basis to create content on behalf of the brand
  • Third-Party Affiliate Tools: Tools allow creators to track and manage their affiliate links

While affiliate marketing is not a completely new concept as there are several platforms, like rewardStyle and ShareASale, the new Instagram Affiliate tool will give creators the opportunity to earn direct commission for the products they sell to their audience. When creators post content with a tagged product, users will see “eligible for commission” at the top of the post, indicating that their purchase will benefit that creator. In addition, creators will be able to link to their own shop in both their business and personal profiles, to reach an even wider audience. The Instagram Affiliate tool will be accessible for a wider range of brands and creators, as it is directly embedded in the app. The tool aims to create an avenue for all creators to earn money from brand partnerships. The tool will also make it easier for creators to incorporate their own business and shops into their personal Instagram profiles, something that third-party affiliate platforms are unable to offer.

How does Instagram Affiliate Affect Brands, Creators, and Instagram?

For Instagram, we expect to see increased participation and engagement if Instagram Affiliate plays out to be a viable way to make money. Creators will be more active, leading toward more active audiences. Many content creators have turned to TikTok as their primary media platform, as the Creator Fund is a constant source of revenue for those with large followings. Instagram may be able to draw more creators and viewers back to their platform, if they implement new ways that creators can earn a living directly from the platform. This is not the first time Instagram has introduced a new feature to compete with another platform, as they introduced reels in 2020 to mimic TikTok’s full-screen video setup. (link to story on reels)

For brands, we expect to see more efficient influencer marketing campaigns by making transactions performance based, as opposed to post based.

For creators, they will all have access to Instagram Affiliate. In addition, creators will be more incentivized to work with brands knowing that they will not only be paid a baseline fee for their partnership, but will also have the opportunity to earn more for each additional purchase they drive.


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