InControl Medical Receives FDA Approval for Its Latest Breakthrough Medical Device, Attain

It isn’t every day that you get the opportunity to launch a product that was literally designed and engineered to change the lives of millions of people in a profound way.

But that is exactly what we are doing with our wonderful client, InControl Medical, and their life-changing new product, Attain.

Tens of millions of women suffer from incontinence, mainly urinary but also bowel, and have been since time immemorial. It was viewed as a part of life that came with bearing children, aging and other factors. Women simply had to “deal with it,” despite the detrimental impact it had on their physical and mental wellbeing by having to drastically change their lifestyle, forego activities they once enjoyed, stay close to a rest room and buy and wear expensive pads and diapers.

But Attain is poised to change all of that, drastically, painlessly and do it without drugs, surgery or doctor’s visits.

As reported in FDA News:

“The FDA granted InControl Medical 510(k) clearance for its OTC non-implantable muscle stimulator Attain, a device used to help women treat urinary or bowel incontinence.

The device delivers muscle stimulation through alternating, specific frequencies to provide neuromuscular retraining and increase pelvic floor muscle strength. The small, painless device can eliminate the need for pads or diapers.

Attain comes with a feedback graph and visual clues to help guide the user through timed contractions and a relaxation phase, similar to a physical therapy session.”

We are honored to partner with a company whose mission it is to permanently change the lives of women suffering from this condition in a meaningful, emotional and life-changing manner.

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