Rob Bochicchio
President, Marketsmith Inc.

As I look back on the last 12 months and think about what 2022 is going to bring to Marketsmith, I am filled with a flow of emotions. The three main attributes that keep coming back to mind are PRIDE, HEART, and PASSION. The team I am so lucky to work with every day lives and breathes those emotions. And if I wasn’t already sure of that, it’s what I hear from our client partners and what I hear from our Marketsmith staff all the time. It’s what matters!!

Let me start with our incredible clients. Right before the holidays began, I sent a note to our senior clients wishing them a safe and healthy New Year and stating how grateful I am to work with such amazing brands. What I did not expect was to be blown away by the wonderful and heartfelt response. There is nothing better than hearing unbelievable feedback directly from our partners, who recognize the team of experts we have at Marketsmith and how they give their all for our clients. This team of warriors bleeds the same ROI goals as our clients do, every day. I wanted to share just some of the great responses with you:

  • “Thank you for a great year of hard work, guidance and most importantly friendship.”
  • “It has been a great year of partnership with you and the whole MSI team.  The future of our partnership is bright and 2022 will be exciting for sure. We are doing great work together, but the people like you and the team make it enjoyable every day.”
  • “It has been quite a year and I am glad we had a talented partner like Marketsmith supporting the effort.”
  • “We appreciate everything your team does and look forward to another fruitful year in 2022.”
  • “I am definitely feeling great about what our teams have accomplished. Looking forward to 2022.”

These sentiments truly speak to the fabric of this organization – our team.  We have been around for over 22 years, and I can confidently say the team with which we are sprinting into 2022 is simply unmatched. As we enter our third year of a “work from anywhere” model due to the pandemic, the Marketsmith staff is unshaken, poised and energized. That is where the PRIDE, HEART, and PASSION comes from. Our employees and the work they produce matters. But we also worry about them, how they are managing life within the four walls of their homes.  How they are coping with the fluid changes in the world and how it affects them individually. Not seeing them in person very often, we’ve evolved how to keep in constant contact with each member of the team.

We established a committee several years ago called the Employee Action Group (EAC). This team is made up of volunteers who work across all our departments and whose sole purpose is to care for and think about our staff members every day. I believe we have an outstanding culture here at Marketsmith, and it sits upon the shoulders of the EAC.  We bring in guest speakers, and we have yoga and stretch classes as well as virtual games and quiz contests. We are a window into their needs and concerns and what will help them in their day-to-day functions. All with the focus on community and being one.

Our Mission:      To bring greater community and champion success within the organization

Our Vision:         To improve and enhance the quality of life for those residing within the Marketsmith’s family- both new and tenured

Our Values:        We will be a trusted resource for our peers; carry ourselves as leaders within our community

So, as I think about the great fortunes of the past 12 months and what is on the horizon for 2022, it’s important that we have a healthy mind and body. That is a big focus of mine in January and one that the EAC will be spending a lot of time planning out for the incredible members of Marketsmith. I will share more with you as this develops the next couple of weeks. Until then, we will keep showing up daily for our clients and producing outstanding work for them – building and nurturing those partnerships that make us who we are.

Cheers to you and a safe and healthy New Year.

All the Best,

Rob Bochicchio

President, Marketsmith Inc.